Disclaimer as I like writing, I thought I

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Last updated: April 27, 2019

 Disclaimer  Thisis a report on my Three-credit internship course MC 365 under the school ofMedia and Communication, UMT.

Also, it is to fulfilling the Bachelor of Mediaand Communication program (BS-MC) program. Itis not a daily report but a brief of my practical experience and professionalorientation during my internship period.                            AcknowledgmentsI would like to makemy thanks to University of Management and Technology and Mr. Rashid Khan, myinternship advisor for being a guideline. I would also like to thanks SamaaNewspaper and SeeTV along with its chief editor magazine Mr. Zaheer Sulehri andDirector of Mehman Nawaz Fawad Wayne for the internship opportunity.  I would also like to give a specialthanks to all the employees of Samaa and SeeTV. For being very friendly to mefor my whole internship period.

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For helping me a lot during this time andguiding me as their younger brother. They make me feel free and workable withthe real professional world.            Expectations: Before joining Samaa.I was a bit confused about where to intern and mainly in which department. Butas I like writing, I thought I must intern related to writing.

And I find Samaa.To be that place where I can find my interest. Joining there, I find myselfsurrounded with people professionally creative and friendly to work and learnfrom.I have a greatinterest not just becoming a good writer but to become a good director to andfor that I latter on after completing my internship at Samaa I joined SeeTV forsecond internship for 34 days as assistant director to Fawad Wayne for MehmanNawaz show. From UMT, I have come to know many things about media but this wasthe time I wanted to apply them practically.In a brief, Iexpected from this internship were to:  1       Professionallinks2       Knowledgeabout the field3       Mentalityto work for others4       Professionalskills           Objectives:Workingwith an organization for eight weeks must get me some fulfilled objectives. Onthe completion of the internship I want to be able to:  a.    Workmore hours b.

    Handlelatest digital SLR cameras c.    Writegood scripts d.    Editvideos e.    Editpictures f.    Stay connected with my like-minded people              Introduction    Name:                                                                   Zeeshan Javed Student ID:                                                            12003077019 Department:                                                Media and Communication  Concentration:                                                 Directionand content writer Career goal:                                                           Writer and Director Internship Host:                                               Samaa& SeeTV.  Direct Supervisor:                                         ZaheerSulehri and Ayesha Host BusinessSector:                    News Paper & Entertainment Channel Internship StartDate:                               November 19, 2014.  Internship EndDate:                                              January 18, 2015.

 How many hours/week:                                    24hrs/week           Internship Institution An internship isa unique aspect of education that integrates study with planned and supervisedcareer-related work experience. Students are involved as non-paid internees receivingacademic credit for work.Internship is totrain the internees to prepare themselves for challenging tasks in the future.It provides the students with a great understanding for career demands andqualifications.As a part of thecourse it allows students to understand the connection between what is studiedand how it is applied in practical work. It enhances the students’ knowledgeand views.         At thedepartment of Journalism and Mass Communication there is an opportunity forinternship which is of two months duration. During this specified timeinternees need to complete internship program.

It is compulsory to submit thereport on exact date before viva.For the last fewyears it has been made optional for the journalism students to opt forinternship in any media organization.A student hastwo options either to go for research or to do internship as a degreerequirement. After having astwo months training at any chosen media organization the students are thenrequired to submit a 10-15 pages report mainly based on their work experiencein field during the internship period.

The selection for the subject depends onstudents’ requirement. As a student ofJournalism and Mass Communication department I was told to choose anyorganization for internship as a subject. I have discussedwith the chief editor of magazine Zaheer Sulehri that I wanted to do myinternship in writing section to improve my writing skills.He approved myapplication and I was selected as an internee of Samaa to work in magazinesection as editor and writer. Durationof Internship Program The time periodor duration which is specified or fixed for internship work depends on therequirements of every media or institution. The training period in variousdepartments varies from two months to eight weeks depending on their requiredtasks.

 Impact and importance of Samaa newspaper on communityDailySama is managed and run by some very professional and dedicated people, whohave vast experience in journalism and reporting. At Daily Sama, realize theimportance of true stories and bringing up the Real news to the people ofPakistan. Saily Sama have a team of professionals, who love their professionand understand the love and respect of Pakistan and our values. We’ll keep youbringing the true, Verified and Important news, round the clock, every day        Importance of news paper forcommunity Followingare the list of the function performed by Daily Sama To inform people: Samaainforms the audience about the developmental activities that occur in the wholewords. It also informs about the functions, current affairs and otheractivities in outside of Pakistan.  Increase awareness among students: Samaaas an International and National news, Sports and entertainment channel helpsto increase people awareness about their surrounding environment; it helpsthose to aware from the current events in the whole world.Italso provides opportunity to participate in different program that held in DailySama newsroom like promotion of reading in youth. young youth programs.

 Tohighlight developmental project: Samais to highlight all the developmental projects such as building new educationalinstitutions, Metro Bus project, Lahore Karachi Motorway project, Pakistan andChina Economy Corridor etc. Through its material one can clearly understandabout the environment of whole Pakistan. Tobuild confidenceSamahelps the internees students of University of Management and Technologyspecially students of Journalism and Mass Communication department.Itbuilds up confidence and trust among them and prepares them to face the hardSama helps students to think over problems and infuse abilities to solve it bythemselves.

Italso provides information for the betterment of community; it is not used forpropaganda purposes. Tosolve the problems: Itprovides information for the betterment of community; it is not used forpropaganda purposes. Capacity building  Sama offers the students opportunity to build theircapacity as community activists and reform minded members of the community.Through there magazines and newspaper they can express their views on relevant issues and problems. They canidentify the existing problems in the community or in the whole Pakistan toothers world and at the same time they can propose ways of solving thoseproblems.     Structureof PTV Samais comprised a number of staff members that make up its organizationalstructure. The staffs are mainly members of the journalism department, whichcontribute to the   structure and working   of the Sama. Editorial board Editorialboard is the main section of the Sama that handles news raw material forpublishing in the newspaper.

Themembers working in this section write an article for expressing opinion of its Editorson any issue they projects the policy of newspaper. ChiefEditor Thechief editor of the Sama is Munwar Ahmed and editor is Atif Saed. He has agreat duty over his shoulders to keep in consideration the activities of the Sama.

His role in making the Sama a best place of internship cannot be denied. EditorAperson responsible of the selection of material of news items that is to be publishedin magazine is Mr. Zaheer Sulehri is the editor of the Sama Magzine. AssistanteditorAssistanteditor is a person who assists the editor in the selection of articles andcontent to be published.

Heplays important role in the formulation of many articles and news, he changewith almost every issue.  Sometimes theinternee is employed and sometimes the editor.  SubeditorsAftereditor another responsible person known as subeditor. His duty is to edit andwrites the articles.

Healso supervises the layout and makeup, before being published to Parveen is thesub editor of this department. ReportersReporteris a person who go from place to place to gather the news for newspaper . Ithas included its own staff reporters who are the students of Journalism andMass Communication department. These reporters go and cover the events takesplace in whole Pakistan.  PhotographersPhotographersare also the internees of the Daily Sama who take pictures of the importantevent for publictaion.

They can drag the attention of   the audience towards its material by provingattractive information along with picture.   Internship task In addition to gaining great experience, tocomplete your class room learning internship program help students to getexperience, professional contacts and set them up for a future in the fieldthey want. Performing practical training internees of differentorganization can gain real-life skills that they can use out in the corporateworld.Journalism Department provides facility to the students todo practical training at the end of academic session.  After the start of our internship program the in charge ofthe program called us an introductory meetings at the department  library to discuss the whole procedure of howto start practical work in our concerned media organization based on two monthsor at least six weeks training program.Throughout the internship program we had attempted threemeetings in the first meeting the in charge of the program briefed us to takeproper steps for writing and editing.The eight weeks internship program is based on student’spractical work for achieving the most prestigious degree of master from anyuniversity in which the students prove that potentialities that whether theycan face any difficulty in practical work which would assign to him or her inpractical life. As I earlier said that I was the internee of Sama In thistwo months based internship program I considered myself for magazine section.

The in charge of the Magazine department assigned me thefallowing tasks. 1       Search for stories. 2       To discuss the storywith the assistant.3       Handed the story forinformal editing to a colleague internee.

4       To submit the story tothe editor finally.  Beside this tasksI also given To write a weekly progress report on your performed tasks. To compose the stories in computer.

     Performed tasks 1.    Internship program is the compulsory subject has a limitedtime to be accomplished by the students in any media organization.2.    In this period of time students have full authority toselect any media institution and no restriction is imposed on them3.    As a student of Journalism and Mass Communicationdepartment I have selected to write for Sama magazine and I got my one of thearticle published Followingis the list of the Programs I tried my best to cover the stories with dedication andgreat zeal during the internship period.

I learned a great deal from everystory that I covered, which added to my knowledge and confidence on every stepto the way  Skills learned in Sama Editing skillEditing is the process of cutting your work down to sizeand making your writing fit together. Along with reportingI also learnt a little bit about editing because after writing stories we usedto exchange them with colleagues for editing and vice versa.I understood the technique of editing the story on thebases of Check the grammar, word use. How to use style manuals such asCapitalization, numbers abbreviations signs and symbols.

I was given single page report for editing then submittedit with progress report to the in charge of my training program. Composing skillBeside reporting and editing I composed few stores of otherinternees in computer. Composing helped me in speeding up my typing skills Icomposed my internship program by myself. Evaluation of Internship Program Internship practical training provides students of graduateand post graduate with the opportunity to gain professional experience in anyfield they want.The ideal internship offers students the opportunity todevelop their skills to gain a deeper understanding of the professional contextof subjects which they study in classes.

 Internees are expected to do meaningful work that developstheir skills in research, writing or editing.Students of journalism begin to consider possibleinternship institution towards the end of their final year to receive a degree.At the beginning of internship students submit a list of preferred mediainstitution to the in charge of internship program. An internship committee of staff begins the process ofmatching interested students preferences. When the media is selected, timingallowed students to gain valuable work experience before beginning their careersearch. In charge of the internship program evaluate internees’ performance atthe end of their internship period and students evaluate their internshipreport.As student of journalism I have chosen practical field tofulfill my desire. After completing my internship program in suggested time Iwrote a comprehensive report on it where I described my performed tasks.

Some general problems which I faced during my internshipprogram are also mentioned. Here I want to say that internship training is veryimportant or valuable for those students who really want to do something inpractical field. It defines career-goals for them. It trains students for thefuture to have a trained journalists media managers and communicationresearchers. At the end I am winding my report with great thanks to Mr.Zaheer Sulehri editor of Daily SAMA. Possible place to the students ofjournalism to gain practical experience in the required field.

                            Outcomes:As an intern, Ithought I would make professional skills, knowledge about the field,professional links, and mentality to work for others and some kind ofreputation of being a good person to work with. And after this long internship,I can say, I have achieved almost everything I wanted to and everything goneperfectly fine with me. I have learned photo editing on new software, the bestfor professional editing of photos , which I never used before and done so manyof them that now I may never need to worry about writing. After working with somany writers personally, I feel this will help me a lot with my goal to be agood Director & writer finally.  

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