Distributive being legalized. Many families are worried that

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Distributive bargainingis a strategy in negotiation, where one could resolve an issue or win aconflict by discussing the positive and negative effects and resolution comesby highlighting the concepts that advisory supports and providing suggestionsfor reducing the negative impacts so that the other party supports the solutionprovided. Distributive bargaining will usually have a win or lose (Spangler,2003). As a junior congress person, I would use the distributive bargainingtechnique to help pass the bill by supporting the promotion of allowing casinogambling in the state.

            Let’s discuss the pros of allowing casino gambling in thestate. Legalized gambling generates revenue to the state. It increases theemployment in the state. The rate of unemployment reduces as casinos couldemploy many people. The revenue that gets generated from casinos can be usedfor public interest and improving the public services few of which includeimproving education, community infrastructure, health care, deploying more lawenforcement officers, etc.

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Legalized casino gambling also encourages visitorsand tourism industry, which in turn helps improve the state’s revenue(Thompson, n.d.). Las Vegas could be an example for this.            Few of the negative impacts that the residents fear aboutlegalized casino gambling includes increased crime and drugs. Addiction togambling is one another factor, which residents are worried about gambling beinglegalized. Many families are worried that the people who get addicted togambling would lead financial crisis and leave the families in debt (Walters,2012).            I would lay more importance to the pros that gamblingbrings in to the state than the negative impact.

Legalized gambling could curbthe menace of illegal gambling to a major extent as people tend to visit thelegal establishments to gamble and the authorities, law enforcement agenciescan have strict rules and policies in place to avoid crime. Minors involving ingambling reduces because of the reduction in illegal gambling. The revenue thatgets generated in gambling can be used for increasing the number of lawenforcement patrol to watch out for illegal gamblers and operators. People whoget addicted to gambling is more or less comparable to alcohol addiction, whereone could avoid it only through self-control. Moreover, legalizing could helpin people exercising self-control. Gambling is not illegal in all the states inAmerica.

Even though the bill to legalize gambling is not passed, few peopletend to visit the casinos in the nearby states in order to gamble. Instead ofletting other states or communities take away the revenue, it would be betterto grant permission to set up limited number of casinos particularly in thecommunities that border the states that have casinos. This would limit thepeople who go to other states to gamble (Borenstein, Pozdnyakova, &Mikhailova, 2017). Finally, I would draw a conclusion that establishing a limitednumber of casinos by legalizing gambling would be beneficial for the communityand the state on the whole.

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