DiYanni Ch 10

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Last updated: December 10, 2019
Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays,” the father’s weekly and daily routines
get up early and start working.

One might find him cranky, for he was always after perfection in his job.

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feelings does the narrator of “those winter sundays” who is now an adult, convey about his relationship with his father
his fear of his father’s anger, yet he expresses his absolute love for his father, for his father was often selfless.

The use of: observing, connecting, inferring, concluding
According to DiYanni, one must slow down while reading, observe the text, looking for different meanings, connect with the text, attempting to find relations, infer the text, begin to understand, and conclude the text, by bringing all of your thoughts to a clear state.

Hayden’s poem: “Of love’s austere and lonely offices?”
DiYanni speaks of “Austere”, meaning both rigor and self-discipline, which implies the father’s faithful hard working character. DiYanni also speaks of “lonely”, which shows the father did all of his work on his own for the family, and lastly, she suggests “offices” represents the father’s diligence to work and prayer.

Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” how he feels about the owner of the woods
relief the owner is not there.

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,”narrator personify in stanzas 2-3
The narrator creates the horse’s actions through personification.

promises” and the “miles to go” symbolic of in the last stanza of this poem? How do these concepts contradict the calm and peaceful imagery described in the last line of stanza one
The “promises” and “miles to go” lined up display how he seeks to rest, but he knows he has a longer life span, and many promises to keep. Therefore, he may seem odd that initially he sought to stop in the woods, yet he speaks more clear that we can infer his true desire; taking a break and battling his future in his mind.

DiYanni, what makes Robert Frost’s poetry reminiscent of the “Romanticism” movement
he was in the romanticist movement due to the poem’s statement, “Dust in the Snow.” She suggests that it is not of a distant world, but between others in the natural world.

two main ways to evaluate a poem, according to DiYanni
first step is recognizing intentions, and the second step is to consider the significance of the text.

makes a poem’s context to DiYanni
is made up of the happenings within the poem, the poet’s past including his belief and attitude, the people it was written for, and the publication details that may be included.

back yard symbolize in Gwendolyn Brooks’ “A Song in the Front Yard”
The backyard represents the rich white girls who had love and freedom to play in the backyard. They actually had money for a back yard and wore fancy clothes.

kind of life does the narrator of this poem long for and why does her mother object
She longs to be rich and have fancy clothes and be free to play, but she always has to work.

Her mother objects, for her mother seems to have had very bad experiences with white lords.

some of the physical descriptions about the father in Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz” that allow readers a glimpse into this man’s daily life
The boy seemed to love to dance with his daddy, but his daddy often drank, and his mother remained concerned of any misbehaviors

What is the narrator’s tone and attitude towards his father in this poem
The boy seems to be used to his dad in high spirits, thus he has fun with his drunkeness, but it seems to hurt him within.

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