Do duties and responsibilities, but it is more memorable

Do you have a mature CV?Anyone with between 15-20 years of work experience falls within the mature career category. A mature CV (for recruitment purposes) has less to do with age but more with job seekers’ work history and work experience.

What recruiters may look for from candidates with almost two decades of work experience is a demonstrated ability that over the course of their career, certain career achievements can readily be identified from their CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. Do you have a mature CV and are you in the process of applying for senior or management positions? Then you may want to focus your CV on the following aspects:Recruiters on average take about 6 seconds to skim through your CV. So think carefully the next time you include book chapters on your tasks, duties and responsibilities.

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Get straight to the gist of your achievements.You only have about 2 pages to convince someone why you can do the job. Illustrate this through your achievements.Nothing wrong with listing your duties and responsibilities. In fact, it is advisable to list for each job your key duties and responsibilities, but it is more memorable to back them up with career achievements that show how you have implemented and successfully executed upon those very duties and responsibilities. These achievements must be clearly ascertainable from the CV – from the get go! By including a powerful statement on your achievements under the opening profile or summary of your CV, you set the tone for what is yet to come and you hook the reader to scan even further.It is imperative that job seekers with a mature CV focus less on their duties and responsibilities and much more on demonstrated career achievements, awards, rewards, success rates, and positive results.

This is particularly true for the candidate applying for senior/managerial positions, particularly if in their CV they have held similar roles, led a team or managed a project before. There is a distinct difference between a candidate with a mature CV and a recent graduate, someone with minimal work experience or someone applying for less senior positions; with the latter, it can be expected that the CV could be more focussed on tasks and responsibilities, but with the former the expectation is that achievements should by now be evident from, for example, how you have handled certain managerial and or planning tasks. And if it’s hard to identify achievements, then take another look at your tasks, duties and responsibilities and see if you can flip them into an achievement or a precious milestone. Some of us can get distracted into thinking (especially if we do the same job over and over, year-after-year) that we haven’t achieved anything new worth writing about in our CVs. Next, gather the following:What makes your CV memorable is when achievements are put in clear and quantifiable terms backed up with results and evidence, such as success rates achieved with company budgets, successful delivery on project deadlines or savings in company spending, etc.)When was the last time you looked at your “to-do list” and quantified some of the results, achievements or successes flowing from that list? Chances are that anyone applying for that same job potentially has the exact same tasks, duties and responsibilities. A recruiter scanning scores of CVs that contain the same tasks over and over again, will be bored to tears. Tell them what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants.

You ought to highlight what makes you different from anyone else applying for that same job. How do you do that? You do this by outshining other applicants with your unique career achievements and successes. Next, choose wisely: The purpose of the competency statement is to show how you have implemented or executed on these top skills in practice.How will this appear on your CV? If communication, for example, is your strongest skill, then list commucation as a top skill and followed by a colon you could make a brief competency statement as to why it is your strongest skill.

More importantly, proceed to demonstrate how you have achieved certain successes because of your stellar communication skills. Perhaps through your editing or writing your company dodged a potentially embarrassing moment or your communication plan led to a quantifiable decrease in company miscommunications? Perhaps you are good with numbers, then you could list numerical skills as a top skill and back it up with results and evidence of how that skill benefited your previous company. Don’t just say that you have exceptional planning and organisational skills, but demonstrate how that has benefited your employer. Do you have a problem-solving talent, well, how did you solve the problem and how did you motivate your last team and what results did that yield?Take another look at your bullet pointed list of tasks, duties and responsibilities and give it substance by backing it up with positive results and evidence of your achievements. The saying goes “you can catch more flies with honey”.

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