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Last updated: September 19, 2019

Do you know what it takes to be a chef? Being a chef demands high expectations passion, stamina, organization, and leadership skill. But the two things a chef must have is education an training. these components are needed to be a chef in fancy restaurants or any restaurant.the salary for a chef is fair to compare to fast food places.

i choose this career field because i have a passion an i like to cook.the reason why was because i was taught to cook at an early again then later on enjoyed cooking. First, A chef needs education. The chef must have a high school diploma, culinary school, and a bachelor’s degree.this was stated by”Becoming a Professional Chef”.

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The job availability is offered to anybody who wants to be working in that field of career or has a passion to be a chef but comes with a cost. The forecast for a chef is usually in the kitchen with fresh foods ready to be prepared for the cooking process then served to others. This explains the education a chef must have for all those steps for the process.Next, A chef needs the training to order to be one. There are many training schools to be at but it starts in high school, college, and then culinary school.

But you can get it earlier too. The schools that you can do is “I.T.T Institute” to get your chef training in culinary school. The cooking degree for a chef you can get it anywhere but I chose to stay in California in Clovis or San Diego. This all explains how many things a chef must do in order to be one in that career.

           Last, A chef is salary is a good fair price anywhere. The salary in California is in the range of $23.59-$27.59 an hour.

But the yearly wage for a beginner is $48,810 yearly. The location I chose was Clovis, CA for my first year; then,  I will move to San Diego if there are openings out there. The salary changes but depends on cities and states but only by $7. this means you can make the good amount of money in this career field. In Conclusion, this explains how much it takes to be a chef an how much effort is needed to be one. The energy and passion are also tools for that career mostly i had a thought one day to actually wanna be a chef and so i wrote my report as the career i wanted to do in my life.

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