Do secret and come to America with him”

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Do you know who Marquis de Lafayette is? Well you should know a lot more information about him after you read this essay about him and his life in the American Revolutionary army. “Marquis de Lafayette was born on september sixth, 1757, in Chavaniac, France” (Biography.

com 1). Before turned two his father, a general in the Royal Army and was currently serving in the seven years’ war, was killed. When he was twelve his mother died, and a few weeks later his grandpa also died. After, these deaths he became a very wealthy orphan. When he turned fourteen he, just like his father joined the Royal Army. At the age of sixteen he married a relative to the British  king, who was only fourteen at the time. This made his social status go up even farther than he already was. “He first heard of the American Revolution at a dinner.

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It was held by the Duke of Gloucester, on August eighth, of 1775″ (U.S. History 1). Have you learned anything yet? Well here’s some more. The Duke of Gloucester spoke out about the American Revolutionaries and Marquis became interested. When he started out to the United States from France he had know idea that he would be one of America’s greatest leaders in history. “When he realized his family and the king would disapprove of the trip to America, he asked his friend Comte de Broglie to keep his secret and come to America with him” (U.S.

History 1).  He said he would keep his secret but he didn’t want to travel to America. He did though introduce him to Baron Johan de Kalb. He also wanted to travel to America so, after a few put backs, they set up a trip across the Atlantic. With the right documents from Silas Deane they would be appointed to major generals. After Marquis and Baron got their documents, marquis heard of the Americans struggles he felt he had to help. As he heard this he asked some other French officers to come to america and help him with the war.

Finally they all got on a ship and left for America. After the long ship ride they landed near Charleston, South Carolina. When the military leaders that were their when they landed learned about what they were their to do, they welcomed them very graciously.

When they saw his documents and learned that he was the highest rank you could get of  French nobility  they commissioned him a major general.

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