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Last updated: May 2, 2019

Do notyell – I should not type all texts in CAPS. Readers consider this as shoutingcompelling them to ignore or belittle the message therein regardless of howintelligent it may be. CAPS should only be used where appropriate. Even if Ihave trouble with my vision, I should opt for an adjustment which cannot bedeemed as “yelling”. Avoidsarcasm – I should always be polite in my comments because not everyone canrelate to my sarcastic ways. This is mainly the case since there are people whodo not know me personally. Such persons may miss the sarcasm and perceive me asrude.

Observebrevity and succinctness – I should make my messages short and straight-forwardto save time and attain relevance. Whether I am seeking clarification orfollowing something, my text should be direct and void of unnecessaryinformation. Direct messages and questions attract direct responses orcomments. No oversharing – I should limit what I share online, particularly when it comes topersonal information. With the growing rate of cyber criminality, it isimportant to be cautious, but this does not necessarily mean that the people Iinteract with are criminals. The fact is that the information may land in wronghandsKindnessis key – The anonymity associated with online presence may tempt one to beimpolite. I should not fall prey.

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Despite the anonymity, my personality isattached to the comment or response I post. It is therefore impertinent to bekind at all times. In the event when I am embroiled in a heated disagreement, Ishould not resort to impoliteness.

Important is to relax and compose myselfbefore hitting the reply section even if it means replying the following day.It is worth the wait.

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