Does Churchill’s description of the operation support the evidence of sources C and E

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Churchill’s description of the operation, source B, in some cases supports the evidence that the operation of D-day was a difficult and complicated one. Source C does support this.

The papers on Churchill’s desk are messy and untidy, which suggests it was complicated, also his cigar smoke forming a question mark shape suggests D-day was difficult to plan. However, source E suggests quite the opposite. The plan looks very straight forward and simple. There is no evidence to show the devastation of D-day. Source B also suggests that there was lots of people involved and that it was a huge operation.Source C does infer that it was big, because of the importance put on Churchill, but it doesn’t seem as though many people are involved only four people are in the picture.

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Alternatively, source E does suggest it was both a big operation and lots of people were involved. There is lots going on in the map, and although the map has no scale, you can tell that it is over a very big area. Source B mentions that all three armed forces are involved.

Source C shows the definite involvement with all three services which are represented by the three boys at the door.More over, source E infers the involvement with all three services from the parachutes on the map, which shows the RAF must have been involved. The landings are in the coast which means sea crossings are likely to have been used, therefore the Navy is likely to be involved. Also, there is army landings away from the parachutes, which infers the involvement of the army.

Source B infers that some aspects depended on natural conditions. Source C doesn’t see to mention about natural conditions. That is except a book on Churchill’s desk with the topic of weather.Source E also doesn’t show any direct dependence on natural conditions, however, you can infer that natural conditions might play a part, because it evolves airborne landings and sea crossings, which would be effected by bad weather conditions. Source B shows an element of secrecy and surprise is involved.

Source C does support this. The armed services are being treated like children and are stuck behind the door, not aloud in too see what’s going on. They also don’t know where they are going and have been kept in the dark.

Source E also infers an element of secrecy.You can tell this by the use of code names on the beach. Source B shows there is some uncertainty. Source C supports this, You can infer this by the hunched, frowning expression on Churchill’s face, and by the question mark shape of his cigar smoke. Source E shoes quite the opposite. It makes D-day look easy to carry out.

All three sources have similarities and differences. I believe source C to be closer to source B than E. In order to match these sources together you have to read between the lines and infer about the sources.

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