Does money buy happiness

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Last updated: December 2, 2020

Does money buy happiness? … There are certain circumstances where money can buy happiness.

For instance, in order to step ahead in today’s urban world, money is everything. No one can get further education in local or oversea institutions without having money to pay for their education. As we all know, knowledge is the power and the real treasure of a man, but one can only take those courses if one can pays for the fees.

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Even under- privileged students need scholarship for education. Being a knowledgeable person is one of the real Joys in life as we will be honored and respected by the community.Money is important to enhance good relationship among human being. Money is a guaranteed as one of the successful elements when it comes to rejoice the beloved ones as well as flattering them with certain materials as gift. We can see people offering present during Christmas and birthday parties. With money, people can set themselves in a higher position where others will look up to them, whether in forms of possessions or generosity in spending their wealth for charities. So , it is absurd to say that money can only bring disaster to the owner. If we can, always look at the bright side.

Spend money the rightful way. ….

. Happiness is a feeling of being pleased; being satisfied; or expressing pleasure contentment and satisfaction as defined in Oxford dictionary. The idea of money buying happiness is interesting. But if happiness is truly living one’s life to fullest, then money cannot buy happiness.

People know that this idea of happiness is materialistic and shallow. They are quick to point it out in others, but cannot see it themselves. Money cannot buy happiness, unless happiness is measured by possessions. Happiness from money is very short- lived.First of all, a comfortable life can be bought if we are rich. Money gives us a higher standard of living.

With money, we can afford modern appliances such as washing machine, television and computer. These things help our housework easier, entertain us and let us manage our school or office work more conveniently. If we have money, we can have the better medical treatment. If we have money, we also can give our young a better education. …

… Money can fulfill the vanity of people. In turn, it will make people happy.

With enough money, we need not worry about the basic necessities of life such as food and shelter.Without money, we would be tarring and homeless which would be surely be considered unhappy state of affairs. Money can upset people too. When the ruthless people want to kidnap children of very rich people for a ransom the whole family would have to worry about their personal safety. Thus, it may bring unhappiness to their lives. Though money does bring a comfortable lifestyle and freedom from want and worry, it does not automatically guarantee happiness. Money no doubt can help us do a lot of things but it cannot buy love-the spring of life.

This is because love comes from our true heart, our relatives, our friends and also parents.

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