Does television make religion seem good or bad

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Last updated: November 17, 2019

Since 1946 religious programmes have started to come on television such as ‘songs of praise’.

These programmes are known as God Slots. In class we watched two different programmes. The first program we watched was Mr. Bean goes to church, shown on BBC 2.

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Mr. Bean enters the church while a hymn is being sung. He does not know the words to the hymn, and so has to borrow a hymnbook, from the person next to him. Mr. Bean has no clue as to what is going on. Mr. Bean finds church particularly boring as he soon falls asleep. This particular episode of Mr.

Bean makes religion seem boring and uninteresting.It represents religion in a bad way. The second program we watched was The Vicar Of Dibley, shown on both BBC 1 and Channel 4. First of all we see the vicar decorating a Christmas tree along with another lady. The two of them are talking about the sermons the vicar had given the year before. The vicar is very enthusiastic about the birth of Jesus, Son of God. This program definitely shows religion in a good way.

It also shows that the church is modern. We know this because the vicar is a woman and she has an Oasis advent calendar. The program is humorous as well as knowledgeable.I asked a religious Christian person for their opinion and they agreed with me in saying Mr. Bean showed religion to be bad and uninteresting, and The Vicar Of Dibley in showing religion in a good way.

In conclusion the vicar of Dibley shows good religious views unlike Mr. Bean. The television program we watched was part of The Belief file. The religion it was concentrating on was Islam. This program is shown on BBC 2.

It is a documentary program. Everyone in the program was Muslim. The age group was varied. There were adults and children on the program.The children mainly asked the questions and the adults answered them.

The music that was playing in the background was very soft, quiet and religious. There was no audience participation apart from taking down notes about the program. The video was going at a very slow pace. Because of this it seemed rather boring. I think the target audience was any one who wanted to learn about the Muslim religion, but mainly children. I did not find anything particularly interesting or enjoyable about the program. However, some people may have enjoyed learning about Islam.

Other people may be completely against the program because it said that Allah is the only God. I expected a religious program to be more interesting and enjoyable. I think this program showed religion to be quite boring. The aim of the program was to teach people about Islam. However, I do not think that it did so interestingly. Overall I think this particular program shows religion in a bad way.

It also may give the impression to some people that the Islamic faith is very boring. I personally would not recommend this program to anyone, as I don’t think it is the best program to watch about religion.I asked a religious Muslim person for their point of view about this program and they agreed with me. The television program we watched about worship was Songs of Praise, shown on Sunday on BBC 1 or BBC 2. The length is 40 minutes.

We watched two episodes of songs of praise so we could compare them. The first one we watched was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the program itself. It was set in Wimbledon where the tennis was held.

There were about 10,000 people in the audience all singing along. Anyone who was watching that episode at home or somewhere else could easily join in as there were subtitles shown.The music and the mood of the audience were very happy and upbeat. It wasn’t like normal hymns. There was a curtain structure that was held it was hymn, interview, hymn, and interview. I do not think this particular show of songs of praise had a particular age group at which it was aimed. I think the target audience was basically anyone was Christian and religious. The pace they went at was quite fast, and so they got through a lot in just one 40-minute program.

However it was not too fast. I think there was a good representation of religion. It showed religion to be fun, enjoyable and in touch.Some religious people may not like this program since it is not in a church, the house of God.

Others may like it because it was set in Wimbledon with the tennis. For some other people it might not make a difference. In conclusion I think that this is a very good program and that it shows religion at its best so far. The second songs of praise we watched was set in Westminster Abbey. It was again 40 minutes long and was shown on either BBC1 or BBC2. This episode was in memorial of the terrorist attack in New York on September 11th. It was dedicated to the innocent people that died that day.

Its atmosphere was very sad and emotional with people crying and mourning the loss of their loved ones. Candles were lit for each person who died. It was very traditional. There was a Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim priest also praying. Jerry Hall and Nicholas Bailey spoke.

There was nothing enjoyable about this program as it was a memorial. Some people may like it because it is in Westminster Abbey. Some other people may also like it because it is a tribute to the dead. It5 is in the house of God. In conclusion I think this was a very religious program.A soap opera is a television program that follows a cast of characters through their lives.

Soap Operas have always been popular. They often have religious issues going on. We watched part of a soap opera known as Brookside to see if there were any religious issues going on. Brookside is shown on channel4 at various different times. In this particular episode Edal, who comes from a Christian family, had just had an abortion the day before.

The abortion started to tear the family part. Edal’s younger brother Anthony was not happy at all. He was completely against the idea of abortion.Later on that day there was some sort off party going on where the priest had been invited. The priest was trying to comfort and calm down Edal’s mum.

The priest said, “What is done is done. You can’t go back and change it now,” to Edal’s mum. After a while the priest goes over to Edal (who is very upset) to try and calm her down.

This time the priest said to Edal ” God won’t hate you because you had an abortion. “He also suggests she should go to the church to ask for forgiveness. Another thing the priest says to Edal is “when you are ready I want to hear your confession. He also adds ” the baby had a right to live. ” As you can tell there was an awfully big issue going on in Brookside at that time. The target audience for this program is quite a wide range of people, from teenagers all the way up to old aged pensioners.

The program was very interesting even if you had never watched Brookside before. I think this program shows religion in a good way. Some people might also think this program is good. Other people may not like the fact that abortion is being discussed.

They may not want their children to watch the program.

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