How domestic electronic products are tailored to 3 different markets

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Last updated: April 17, 2019

1. IntroductionThe report introduces the information about technical required and modification required of two products within three different countries. And this report also considers the standards of three countries.2.

Findings1. Identification of three standards bodies.IndiaIndia is a traditional agricultural country. From the beginning of 90’s, especially in accession to the WTO, India began to put the foreign trade policy of “export-oriented”. India has a good social system and market structure.

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In recently years, the government encourages innovation and technological development, so the situation of technical was improved significantly.There have a great potential market of the electrical home appliances in India. India with a large population, but most of people has not home electrical appliances, because of there have the gulf between the rich and the poor, and the household electrical appliances market has been monopolized by Japan and South Korea’s companies, and the price are so expensive.

In recently years, the demand of home electrical appliances increased rapidly. And the domestic’s goods have the advantage in cost, so the company could gain more profit in India market if TCL export the goods to the country.JapanThis country is the second largest economy country in the world.

There is high level of consumption in the domestic market, the purchasing power is strong and the demand of household electrical appliances is large. But the market has keen competition and a lot of excellent competitor.In recently years, the market share of China’s household electrical appliances increased in the Japanese market. According to the survey, Japan imported electrical home appliances from China are most of the affordable products in 2001. But in the high-grade household appliances, the market share is lower. In the respect of technological innovation, Japan’s local product has the absolute advantage. Because most of the local companies are pay attention to innovation, so their goods could attract more and more customers.

In China, although the price of product is lower than the new product, but only adopt advanced techniques when produced the goods can gain more profits in the future. And in these years, many Japan’s companies are build the factory in China to manufacturing their products, and reduce the cost. If the prices of local goods are reducing their price, the Chinese manufacturers may lose their important advantage about price, and then lose the competition in the Japan market.AmericaThe United States is the largest country in the world. There has a prosperous economy, and the living standard of people is high.In America market, the main pressure of electrical home appliances came from price. As a result of Mexico and the Asian financial crisis, the number of home appliances produced by the United States has declined, and imports a large number of home appliances from Asian countries and Mexico. Because of imports from these countries than the price of household appliances in the United States is much lower.

But in these years, the domestic economic have a recession. Through Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) research the result showed: in 2008, the sales volume of household electrical appliances increased 7.3 percent than last year’s, and reached 173,000,000,000 dollars.

In 2009, the sales volume will be more than 183,000,000,000 dollars. On the favorable trend of the market because the economic downturn, it lead to consumers would choose to buy some household electrical appliances for entertainment at home. In U.

S. appliance market, there has big market demand, the china’s producer could gain more profits, and also has sufficient space to develop. U.S.

consumer has high awareness to China’s appliances.2. Technical specification for two products in three countries.If TCL want to export TVs and air conditioning units to India, Japan and America, the company must to meet the specification for two products in three countries.In India, the country is lack of the energy, but because of local’s hot climate, the growth of demand for air conditioning and deficit of electric power with insuperable contradictions. Therefore, the local market provides some rule, such as the product does not allow entering the market if the product can not save energy. The foreign producer must apply for register, and if the product meet local criterion, then the company obtains permission tag a sign-ISI.

In America, this year, the Environmental Protection Agency put a new rule that all kinds of TV must meet the criterion that no pollution with environment. After 1970s, the United States determine the energy efficiency standards and logo, and begun to implement through the legislative process. In 2002, the government has to improved this standard, from 10Btu/W.h (about 2.93W/W) to 12Btu/W.

h (about 3.52W/W). And in 2006, it is once more improve the standard to 13Btu/W.h.In Japan, the source of energy is very poor. So the government put the laws and regulations to make the strict requirements and restrictions on the respect of resource and energy.

Since 1997, Japan’s government has begun to impose restrictions on energy efficiency standards. And in 2006, the country was took a new law about energy-saving air-conditioning. In April 2008, the government issued new regulations requiring 5 kinds of electrical appliances (air conditioning, electric fan, scavenge fan, washing machine and television). If imported these products, the producer must to be used in Japanese to marking the year of production, life safety standards and accident prevention over-age home appliances in the label. Otherwise, they would be banned to import their product or the customer could return of goods to the producer.3.

IndiaJapanAmericaTVIn India, the level of purchasing power is low, and the development of color TV is slow. The technological is not high as a whole. Currently, in the TV market, the 65 percent of the market capacity is spherical TV, 34 percent is flat TV, and only 1 percent of the market is high-grade goods, such as LCD.In the local market, the market demand of Flat Panel TV is largest, and the Integrated Digital TV also has a large potential market. And TCL cooperate with the Japan’s companies that the local companies have a high notability.

The company export main product is affordable product to Japan, and lock of the highly sophisticated products.The local market is large, and the purchasing power of the local customer is strong. The product with high technology is easy to attract to more consumers. In this market, the demand of LCD and Integrated Digital TV are large. At present, TCL export the main product is CRT TV.Air conditioningThe country is deficient in the source of energy, so the potential market of air conditioning is large that the product could save energy.In Japan, the demand of Inverter air-conditioning is large. Because of it has a lot of full-time housewives, and they take the air conditioning running all-weather.

More comfortable, and save energy, so it was welcomed by many families.The problem of pollution arises along with the rapid development of industry. So people pay more attention to protect environment. Therefore, the products that save energy have great potentialities.4.

Modifications made for each product in each country.Different country has different customer needs, so the company should modify in accordance with the local specific conditions.In India, the energy is in short supply. For this reason, the company should improve the TV and air conditioning unit, and enable these products can save energy better.

In addition, the level of purchasing power is low in the local market, especially the village, so the company could sale the spherical TV, and some of affordable product. Indians prefer large volume when they watching TV, so the company should consider this thing when they design the product to export the India market.In Japan, the consumer like the Inverter air-conditioning, because more comfortable and save energy better. In recently years, the company designs an air conditioning that it could fit the needs of body temperature, more comfort than before. And in the local market, the demand of Integrated Digital TV became large year by year, so the company should adopt advanced techniques when TCL launches a new product in the Japan market.In America, the CRT TV is still the main trend in the color market. Many America families have a commodious house, so the demand of large- screen projection products is large. And TCL cooperate with a well-known company-THOMSON, because this foreign company’s product has high notability.

And the company should produce the air conditioning units that the product is no pollution, because the consumer pays more and more attention to protect environment.3. ConclusionsThe report introduces the detailed information of the air conditioning units and television in three. And this report also use these data to analyze whether the product meet the technical require in Japan, India, and America market. Finally, the report describes how the company modifies the product to meet the technical standard in these three countries.

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