Domino’s new store but as Domino’s growth rapidly, this

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Last updated: November 30, 2019

Domino’s is founded in 1960 and becoming the secondlargest pizza restaurant chain in the world, with have more than 13,800locations in over 85 markets around the world. The company logo originally had three dots, whichrepresent the three store in early year of 1965. At first, founder had plannedto add a new dot in their logo when it is addition of every new store but asDomino’s growth rapidly, this idea had faded quickly.

Thus, its remain threedots until now. Their Vision and Mission as that time is “No.1 in People, No.1in Pizza” and “Sell more Pizza, have more Fun!”Domino’s business model is straightforward. They are providedgood and quality food at a competitive price with order restaurants such asPizza Hut. Domino’s offer easy ordering access and efficient service whichenhanced by technology innovations by their development department.

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Besides, Domino’sgenerates revenues and earnings by charging royalties to its franchisees. Starting in 1973, customers had guarantee by Domino’sPizza that they will receive the pizzas within 30 minutes when they placing anorder or either they can receive the pizza free. This helps Domino’s Pizza toget goodwill from customers as they maintain their efficiency to produce thepizzas.

In Malaysia, free regular pizza voucher is given as a refund if theydeliver the pizza more than 30 minutes.Domino’s franchise formula enables franchisees tobenefit more easy from Domino’s brand name with a relatively low initialcapital investment. Thus, Domino’s network of 4,979 domestic franchise stores wasowned and operated by 799 domestic franchisees as of January 1, 2017. Domino’s operation in Malaysia and overseas uses thefranchise model. The company landed in Malaysia in September 1997 and launchedby its founder, Tom Monaghan himself, Domino’s Pizza became an overnightsensation.

It was so well-received that Domino’s Malaysia’s commissary wasrecognised in the Annual Domino’s International Audit as the Best Commissary inAsia Pacific (Dominos, 2017). Domino’s goal is to be the number one pizzacompany in each neighbourhood in which they operate. Customers can order onlineby phone application or in store. Franchisees enter into a standardfranchise agreement in respect of each store for an initial term of 10years, with an option to renew for a further 10 years. Domino’s is appreciatedthe business growth opportunities and objectives with the franchisees, and supportthem in delivering these and enforce the brand standards.

Dommal Food Services Sdn. Bhd. has taken Domino’sPizza franchise license in Malaysia as master franchise holder.

Domino’s PizzaMalaysia has become one of the largest Domino’s market in Southeast Asia as a Quarter1 2017 and the fifth largest in Asia Pacific with 200 stores in Malaysiabecause rapid growth in local markets (Dominos, 2017). Domino’s Pizza regularly monitor market trends andcustomer feedback as a drive to make improvement and develop new products tomeet market demands. This can develop market opportunities. They always involveactively in seeking new ways to create ordering systems as easy as possible toattract customers as the market leader in digital ordering. In addition, the isover 75% of delivered orders are now places via digital channels. Customers areease and satisfied to the ordering system they offer, especially through phoneand table application which are easy and convenient to use. Domino’s PizzaMalaysia’s online ordering platform is ranked No.1 for its online speed ofservice in the QSR industry.

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