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Last updated: November 24, 2019
What instrument is being played at the beginning of the movie

What does the candle represent

What year does the story take place

What is the name of the teacher who joined the school this year
Mr. John Keating

What are the names of the roommates introduced after the ceremony
Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Stephen Meeks, Knox Overstreet

What does Neil’s father say he has to drop
School annual

How does Mr. Keating differ from other teachers at the school
He didn’t give homework on the first day

What does he have the class do on the first day
They go out into the hall, read poems, and look at pictures of dead people

What poet does Keating quote in the hall
Walt Whitman

What does he say the students can call him
Oh Captain My Captain

What does Carpe Diem mean
Seize the day

Where does Knox Overstreet go for dinner
Danburrys House

What does Keating call the info in the introduction to poetry

What does Keating have the students do with the introduction in the textbook
Rip it out

What does Keating say his goal is for students in his class
To savor words and language and to think for yourself

Why does Keating say we read and write poetry
Bc we are members of the human race and we are passionate

How does the teacher describe Keatings lesson at dinner
Misguided but fascinated

What do the students find out about Keating from the old yearbook
He was a part of the dead poet sofiety

What does Keating say the Dead Poets did
They sucked the marrow out of life/ read poetry in a cave

How does he describe the guys in the dead poet society
They were romantics

Why doesn’t Todd want to go to the Dead Poets meeting
He doesn’t want to read aloud

What does Neil find before going to the cave
The DPS book– Five Centuries of First

How do they distract the dog to sneak out
They gave him treats

What does he say languages one endeavor is
To woo women

Why does Keating stand on his desk
To remind himself to look at things in a diff wat

What should you consider when you read poetry
what YOU think

What does Neil want to try
Acting (in a play)

What does Keating have the boys do as they read lines of poetry and why
Kick a soccer ball, to encourage them and boost their confidence

What part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream does Neil get
puck (the lead)

What poem does Knox Overstreet write
He write a love poem to Chris

What assignment does Todd not do go class
Write a poem

What does Keating want Todd to give?
A barbaric yawp- a loud scream or yell

How does Keating help Todd to create a poem
He isolates him, makes him close his eyes and shut everyone out, and answer don’t think

What does Neil bring to the cave
A lamp that becomes the god of the cave

What does Charlie play in the cave

What does Chris invite Knox to
Chet’s party

What does Keating tell the students to do in the courtyard during class
Just take a stroll

What point is Keating demonstrating

What does he say you must trust
That your own beliefs are unique

How does Charlie show his individuality
He doesn’t walk

What does Todd get for his bday from his parents
A desk set

Why is he upset about getting a desk set
He got one last year

What do he and Neil do with the desk set
They threw it off the roof

Who does Charlie bring to the Dead Poets meeting that breaks code
Two girls

What does Charlie want to be called from now on

What does Charlie do that makes the school angry
He writes an article saying to let girls into Welton and he published it in the name of DPS

How does Charlie make the situation worse during the assembly
He has a phone. It rings.

He says that it’s for the principal and that God is calling to say to let girls into Welton

How is Charlie punished
He is paddled

How do his friends know he did not tell on them after punishment
He says that his name is Nuwanda

What does Keating tell Charlie about his stunt
It was lame

Who is waiting for Neil in his room after play practice
His father

What does Neil’s dad tell him he must do
Quit the play

Why does Neil say he can’t quit the play
He is the main part

What does Keating tell Neil when the takj
He needs to talk to his dad

How does Neil feel

Where does Knox go to talk with Chris
Her achool

When she refuses to talk to him what does he do
He follows her into her class and reads her his poem

Why doesn’t Knox care that Chris didn’t say anything
Bc he did it

What does Neil say when Keating asks how his talk with his dad went
Dad didn’t like it but he can stay in the play

How does Knox know that Chris really does care about him
She came to warn him about Chet

What does Dead Poets Honor mean
My word or promise

Who does Neil see as he’s performing
His fatehr

Why is Neil’s father so insistent that Neil do things his way
Bc Neil had opportunities that he never had and he doesn’t want Neil to ruin his life

What does Neil do
He commits suicide

Where do the boys go when they find out what happened to Neil
Into the snow

Who tells Nolan (finked) on the group

Who is the administration after

What does Charlie do to get expelled
He punched cameron

Who takes over Keatings classes
Mr. Nolan

What is the first thing Mr. Nolan wants his students to read when he begins class
The Intro into poetry

What does Todd do to show his support of Keating
He stands on the desk and says O Captain My Captain

How does this show the impact of Keating on his students
Todd was no longer afraid to speak aloud

What point is being made with this movie
The importance of identity and bravery in the face of conformity

How can you apply it to the reading of literature in your class
Look at things in a different perspective and consider what YOU think

Identify 3 Ex of Transcendentalism
Formation of DPS against School rules Neil acting in play against his fatherTodd standing on the desk to support Keating

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