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Last updated: October 4, 2019

An increase in market share and generating more revenues has always been matter of consideration for DreamWorks Animation. Currently placed at 7th among all studios DreamWorks average market capture has been 5. 7% despite of the fact that the share varies widely from year to year. Producing more and more number of films would help generate more revenues for the company. Diversification in the marketing strategy would lead in an increase in sales through new products thus leading to increase profits.

Moreover, the company shall look forward to releasing more titles overseas which will eventually generate more revenue and increase profitability. In 2010, the performance of “Shrek Forever After”, reported a whopping 103% increase in profits for the third quarter. Apart from diversifying the products and marketing, creating diverse distribution channels would rather help in increasing sales in the market, thus eventually creating revenue increase and resulting into an increased market capture.Creating Blue Oceans has always been a major factor in growth of any company. The same must be with DreamWorks Animation; it should rather focus on making the competition irrelevant to increase their market share.

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Virtual Space is the future of movies and video games. So implementing their movies in virtual space and giving the viewers a feel of being inside the movie might turn out to be a next big thing for DreamWorks. This would make sure that DreamWorks capture a large amount of share in the newly formed market of virtual space.Moreover the company shall create alliance with theater chains for 4D releases thus attracting more viewers.

This blue ocean strategy will prove helpful in capturing the so far not looked upon 4D market. Creating more 4D films and releasing them in allied theatres will prove to be a revenue generating strategy for DreamWorks. Striking partnerships with Apple TV or Google TV would help DreamWorks Animation to reach to the viewer sitting at home easily.

This would provide them with a completely new field of operation to generate revenues for the company. Despite of more revenue, the market share is certainly expected to rise since blue oceans have always created a whole new market for any product. Thus in the end, a perfect blend of diversifying the marketing strategy and creating blue oceans would help DreamWorks animation to increase their market share from 5. 7% and moving up on the charts, eventually increasing the profits made per quarter.

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