Drug And Alcohol Abuse And Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

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Domestic force is besides known as spousal maltreatment, domestic maltreatment, confidant spouse force ( IPV ) or child maltreatment.

It is hence defined as opprobrious behaviours by either one or both spouses in a relationship. Such intimate relationships include: household, dating, matrimony, cohabitation or friends. Domestic force take many signifiers such as physical aggression or maltreatment ( seize with teething, kicking, throwing objects to a spouse, striking, keeping, slapping, jostling ) , or menaces, stalking, bullying, ruling or commanding, sexual maltreatment, emotional maltreatment, economic want and inactive maltreatment which is besides known as covert maltreatment such as disregard. These maltreatments if invariably repeated can take to self injury, mental unwellness and an effort to perpetrate self-destruction.Drug maltreatment is besides known as substance maltreatment ; it is referred to as a maladaptive behaviour of the usage of drugs and alcoholic substance that is dependent. Some of the drugs which can be abused include: bhang, cocaine, intoxicant, Quaalude, benzodiazepines, opioids and pep pills among others. Using these drugs on a regular basis can take to lasting dependence, societal, physical and psychological injury which can be irreversible if non treated at the early phases.Harmonizing to the research conducted, drug and intoxicant maltreatment have a direct correlativity between these emerging domestic force issues.

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The research findings indicated that, domestic force is caused by high rates of drug and intoxicant maltreatment used by these violent and chesty people. Batterers abuse drugs and intoxicant which in bend addition the chance of domestic force. Drug maltreatment and domestic force interact and they are correlated therefore both of them should be addressed at the same time. A few instances of domestic force can offer equal guiding and guidance or wellness services plans for drug and intoxicant maltreaters.Spousal maltreatment is a broad issue including sexual maltreatment, psychological maltreatment or emotional maltreatment, verbal maltreatment, fiscal maltreatment, economic maltreatment and physical maltreatment.

The research shows that the culprits of spousal maltreatment can either be the female or male as can be the victims. However, most of the informations collected after carry oning research shows that, abused victims are largely female and battered work forces instances are rare. Drug maltreatment was rated as the major cause of this job brought approximately by the maltreatment of drugs. A spouse who is abused can go feeble, die and lack societal power of interaction hence remaining an stray life from his or her friends.

Gender of attacker

In most instances, adult females fall victims of slaying by an confidant spouse either in a matrimony, cohabitating, dating or in a friendly relationship. A research conducted in United States of America ( USA ) shows that ; out of 1,642 instances reported, three one-fourth ( 1,218 ) are female and merely 424 are male who are killed by their confidant spouse. This is regardless of which spouse ( male or female ) started the force. Harmonizing to the analysis done by Dr. Martin, F.

from California State University in the section of Psychology, it indicated that adult females are more physically aggressive than their male opposite numbers in the relationship. However, research carried out by Kimmel Michael found out that, work forces are the chief cause of domestic struggles and force ; because adult females overestimate the usage of force as work forces underestimate it. On the other manus, the National Institute of Justice on its surveies found out that, work forces are abused by adult females every bit or even more than they abuse adult females. In both surveies, it does non give facts on who started or initiated the force or struggle.Straus and Gelles found out that, domestic force ensuing from drug maltreatment is normally common with both spouses brawling and reacting every bit. Womans have been known to utilize arms while contending ( domestic force ) whether by throwing frying pans, home bases, cups or mugs. It has besides been proven that, adult females can seek aid from other people if they are determined to kill their confidant partner ; nevertheless, such incidences are non counted as domestic force but slaying. There are three common types of domestic twosome force associated with drug maltreatment and these are: common twosome force ( CCV ) , violent terrorist act ( IT ) and common violent control ( MVC ) .

The common twosome force arises when either of the spouses or both try to command the behaviour of his or her partner floging out at the other spouse with ill will. Intimate terrorist act is more common type of force and it is non common hence will affect serious hurts and contusions. It may include psychological and emotional maltreatments if one spouse is dominant and he or she is under the influence of drugs.

Barrett, Meisner and Stewart, Sharper. What constitutes prescription drug abuse: jobs and booby traps of current conceptualisation? Pittburgh: Pittburgh Publishing Press, 1999 ( 3 ) 260-28

Barrett and Steward ( 1999 ) in their book have mentioned the drugs and intoxicant maltreatment and how it causes domestic force. Both of these writers explain the steps to be taken in order to battle domestic force.

This is really of import when analysing the causes of drug dependence and the negative effects to 1s spouse and other household members. The writers excessively have given statistics on the research conducted in America in the last 20 old ages. The research findings as explained by the writers show that drug maltreatment and domestic force is on the rise.With the grounds of research findings, it makes this book effectual and dependable to its audience because of the facts articulated. This book is indispensable because it explains the causes and effects of the maltreatment of drugs on the household members particularly between two spouses ( hubby and married woman ) .

The findings as expressed by the writers target the full community ( household members, relations, neighbours and friends ) because drug maltreatment and domestic force take topographic point in the community where people live. The information in this book is effectual because it explains the negative effects

Ferraro, Kathleen. Domestic Violence. Journal of Marriage and the Family, vol. 5, Issue 45, September/October 2008, Pages: 34-46

The diary by Ferraro ( 2008 ) explains how domestic force has been promoted by drug and intoxicant maltreatment by some members in the household. The article by Ferraro, 2008 have provided proved research grounds that work forces abuse drugs and intoxicant at a high rate than adult females.

The writer has besides made it clear that, emphasis and hard economic and fiscal state of affairs are the major grounds for most people to mistreat drugs. However, in this article, the writer has failed to explicate other negative effects of drug abuse apart from domestic force. The writer excessively has targeted ( audience ) the young persons, parents and community at big by guaranting that the diary is low-cost to the bulk of these audiences. This makes the diary to be dependable and effectual with good researched information. The diary has given types of domestic force and the definition of drug maltreatment and domestic force.

The writer has used simple, clear but easy to understand footings so as to do the information on drug maltreatment and domestic force to be comprehended easy by all users.

Follingstad, Daniel. The Role of Emotional Abuse in Physically Abusive Relationships. Journal of Family Violence, vol. 4, Issue 5, January/February 1998, Pages: 107-120

This diary of household force by Follingstad ( 1998 ) is another indispensable and utile article in my research ; on effects of drug maltreatment and alcohol addiction on domestic force. The writer of this diary has vividly brought out how drug maltreatment can impact relationship in the household. He has besides elaborated that adult females and kids suffer most in the household from emotional and physical maltreatment than work forces. However, he has indicated that, some work forces excessively are victims of domestic force but non at a high rate as adult females experience.

This diary will be effectual and dependable when analysing the effects of drug and intoxicant maltreatment because, it gives a general apprehension on the causes and effects particularly to those in an confidant relationship and other household members. The writer has grounds on the drug and domestic force collected from the research he conducted in many states such as Germany, United States of America, France, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore and Iraq. This article will assist me give an luxuriant decision because of the facts contained in it. This article is of import because it targets all people in the society including young persons, work forces, adult females, kids, married and people in any signifier of relation who may fall victims of domestic force.

Jaffe, Hellony. Drug dependence and maltreatment. Journal of Drugs and substance maltreatment, vol.

4. Issue 12, November/December 2002, Pages 50-69

This is an article by Jaffe ( 2002 ) about drug dependence and maltreatment ; it has given facts on drug and substance maltreatment. The writer has connected thoughts and gave luxuriant information that concerns the society on the negative effects of the drugs and intoxicant. The diary besides exemplifies into the wellness concerns of the people and largely on the domestic force caused by those who misuse the drugs such as cocaine and bhang. Jaffe ‘s research findings have been used to educate people particularly the young persons who are in school to avoid utilizing illegal drugs.

From an analysis of this diary, one is able to recognize and appreciate how it has helped many people change their lives and attitude towards drugs. It is clear that, the writer of this article is systematic and direct to the point in showing his positions and thoughts. This is really good because the diary has addressed chief issues on drug maltreatment and domestic force and how to cover with this job. This diary holding systematic information ensures that its audience gets dependable information hence guaranting effectivity during execution of recommendations the writer suggested.

The diary could hold dwelled more on negative effects of drugs on their wellness alternatively of concentrating merely on domestic force because it could hold assisted drug nuts to alter their attitude towards drugs. These journal findings are effectual and dependable because of the groundss from the research conducted by the writer of this diary.

Jolivet, Christie.

Prevention of anti-social and violent behaviour. Journal of violent behaviour, vol. 2, Issue 7, March/April 2005, Pages 56-76

In this diary, Jolivet has in-depth information on bar of anti-social and violent behaviours which are caused by the drug addicts in the community. The writer has given grounds of the domestic force in assorted states. She collected this grounds, from interviews she conducted and the questionnaires she distributed to people in different states. Her research findings are hence dependable in composing the proposal on the effects of drugs and intoxicant maltreatment on the household members on domestic force. This diary by Jolivet has wide and deep illustration of the current or recent domestic force from different states.

This makes her journal effectual since the information contained marks those who are married because most maltreatments occur in the household.The writer has explained how bad company ( friends ) , media ( wireless, Television and magazines ) and deficiency of set social moral values and norms have contributed to an influence on people to indulge in drugs. The writer has explained ways of controling or battling illegal drugs from making many people. She has emphasized on guiding and reding plans to be introduced in all small towns, churches and schools as a manner of assisting people who are already drug nut and those who have been physically or emotionally abused in the yesteryear. Steering and reding married twosomes on domestic force will assist cut down such incidences by 87 % . Therefore, her findings are effectual and dependable since she has suggested the most possible and practical solutions to this job together with the research findings.

Nutt, King. Development of a rational graduated table to measure the injury of drugs of possible abuse.

Journal of Domestic force, vol.6, Issue 8, April/May 2003, Pages 80-103

This is a diary by an writer called Nutt. In his article, the writer has criticized the governments particularly the authorities ; he expressed his concerns that the authoritiess has failed to use the appropriate Torahs to collar and prosecute the providers of drugs.

He farther blamed the people who have been victims of domestic force for neglecting to describe such incidences to the governments for action to be taken. In the article, there is demand for non governmental organisation, authorities, schools and spiritual establishments to educate people on the effects of drugs. The writer of this diary further stresses the point that, stringent regulations and ordinances ( Torahs ) must be legislated so as to reduces and deter people from mistreating drugs ; hence cut downing domestic force and maltreatments being experienced. Because the writer has articulated on facts, this makes the diary to be dependable and effectual in covering with this threat of drug abuse doing domestic force. This is because it targets all people in the society therefore effectual because it aims at work outing the job utilizing facts.

Lert, Susan. America ‘s Drug Problem. Making a Monster Newspaper, 4TH April, 2009.

National Institute on Drug Abuse. The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction. Scholarstic Classroom Magazines Partnership, 27th September, 2002

Lert ( 2002 ) in the newspaper scholarstic schoolroom magazine, he gives a clear prevue on America ‘s drug maltreatment job and how it affects the economic place of a state. The writer of this article in the newspaper has suggested early marks of a individual who have been abused and a possible redress. The writer ( Lert ) further mentioned that, though the married woman may mistreat the hubby or frailty versa, the kids will be affected negatively either straight or indirectly. The writer farther acknowledges that, social ethical motives and norms have deteriorated hence people lack steering rules on what is good or bad, right or incorrect.

This newspaper is dependable and effectual in research because of the in-depth information on the issue of drug and intoxicant maltreatment. Infact, the writer have found out that drug maltreatment is extremely correlated with domestic force doing it dependable because it will be used to supply solutions and a decision on all facts related to this subject. This magazine is hence of import when composing a proposal particularly on the effects of drugs and how it contributes to the domestic force. The writer of this article in the magazine targets all people in the society ( immature, old, married and singles ) because drug and intoxicant maltreatment affects all people either straight or indirectly. This article will hence be utile in seeking to place the major challenges confronting most households which are under the influence of drugs.

The function of emotional maltreatment in physically opprobrious relationships. Retrieved on 29 September, 2010 from & A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

springerlink.com/content/pr0737j033w3721l/ & A ; gt ;

In this web site on the function of emotional maltreatment in physically opprobrious relationships, it clearly explains how spouses in an confidant relationship can physically mistreat one another. This is because of the drugs and intoxicant influence. The website information is utile to me when analysing the major effects and grounds as to why spouses in a relationship can physically mistreat one another. The web site is dependable because it give the facts from the research conducted hence information is efficaciously pass oning or conveying the message needed to work out the job.In this instance, the information can make many people irrespective of the state since about all states have a web connexion hence people can log in and entree the information in their computing machines. However, the web site has no recent information on domestic force, even though the available information is valid and dependable when doing a decision. The web site besides gives an luxuriant account on the major challenges those in authority face as they try to command drug maltreatment which has led to increased domestic force.

Depression, Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence. Retrieved on 29 September, 2010from & A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.researchforum.

org/media/RFdsd04.pdf & A ; gt ;

The web site above references how maltreatment of drugs causes depression, emphasis and domestic force. This web site is really of import because it gives an luxuriant dimension on drug maltreatment and how drug nuts have caused more harm to their households, friends and the community at big.

The developers of this web site who contributed to this information are experienced on issues related to drugs and intoxicant and its impact. In the web site, the root cause of the job is foremost identified before the possible solutions are drafted.The information contained in the web is critical because it has touched on all countries including the most sensitive information on who are the drug traders. The information contained in this web site is dependable and effectual because it gives the facts based on the informations collected from the drug nut people in all states of the universe.Though this web information is luxuriant, it has failed to lucubrate on the most affected states with more people who are abused.

The mark audiences in this web are people who can entree the cyberspace services and specifically those who have fallen victims of domestic force. Others who are targeted are the drug addicts so that they can be rehabilitated in order to populate a normal life out of drugs.

Domestic Violence and Substance maltreatment. Retrieved on 29 September 2010 from & A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.taadas.org/factsheets/DVFacts.

html & A ; gt ;

The web site about domestic force and substance maltreatment is indispensable in covering with people who use drugs and intoxicant ensuing to domestic force. This web site is in favour of adult females and kids because research carried out shows that, they are largely affected by domestic force. The web is besides luxuriant because it gives statistics of the states taking in drug and substance maltreatment. These states are those in Africa and Asia. The chief ground for this is the high poorness degree hence people become hopeless and hence find ways of avoiding duties therefore indulging in drugs.Those who carried out this research for this web site are knowing because they are able to give elaborate information supported by facts which can be relied upon.

This web site will be utile to me in the treatment of the effects of drug maltreatment and how it contributes to domestic force. Though other writers of different books, diaries and magazines have argued that, adult females are affected most when domestic force erupts ; this web site has the most recent statistics demoing that work forces who are being battered or abused are on the addition.The web site besides has the most recent and the current information doing it to be more dependable because it was carried out by professional research workers. Having recent statistics makes it effectual in presenting the intended message in a clearer mode in that it can be understood because of its lucidity and clearcutness.

Causes of drug and intoxicant maltreatment on domestic force

There are many causes associated with drugs abuse that make people to indulge in drugs. As it is said that, bad company ruins good moral ; many people have confessed that their friends introduced them to take drugs. With the influence of drugs, people become aggressive and violent particularly to their confidant spouse, kids, friends and their fellow or miss friend.

Research has shown that, some people can make up one’s mind to utilize drugs because of emphasis, difficult economic times, and depression or lose of a spouse or a parent who was a exclusive staff of life victor.

Effectss of drug maltreatment and intoxicant on domestic force

Drug maltreatment has negative impacts to the people and society. There are no positive effects though some people believe that, some of the drugs are medicative in nature and can bring around some unwellnesss. Peoples who are drug nuts have been known to do force particularly to their spouses. This is evidenced between a married woman and a hubby where one of the spouses can be battered or abused by the other. This has been proven to increase degrees of emphasis and depression in the household.Due to misconstruing, struggles and battles between the married woman and hubby, will impact the kids either straight or indirectly.

The kids will non acquire the attending, attention and love or fondness they need. Due to the influence of drugs, a spouse in an confidant relationship may be killed, bruised or injured. In most states, due to changeless maltreatment ( sexual or physical maltreatment ) some married twosomes have divorced, some broke up their friendly relationship or wooing before acquiring married. Under such fortunes, kids schooling will non execute as expected and others may drop out because the parents are no longer responsible to pay school fees and to supply school uniforms. If kids are non taken attention of, they will free hope and in the long tally indulge in drugs therefore doing more jobs to the society, household and their organic structures.

Because the kids lack basic demands, they will make anything bad to acquire some money to purchase nutrient including stealing. Insecurity will increase larceny and robbery with force and colza instances will lift due to miss of ethical motives due to drugs influence. It is hence clear that drugs and intoxicant affects people ‘s wellness and causes disunity and tenseness in households.

Possible solutions

Many people particularly the medical experts have suggested some possible solutions to this job.

For those who are already addicted with drugs, rehabilitation centres or establishments should be established. Such rehabilitation centres will help those who are chronic because proper medical attending will be provided by qualified doctors.Parents have a greater duty to take attention of their kids by transfusing subject and good ethical motives in them. Responsible parents will train their kids with an purpose of rectifying them when they do anything incorrect.

This will guarantee that kids will non tie in with some people or friends with bad wonts such as smoke, taking intoxicant or other drugs such as cocaine and bhang.In every society or community, there are ethical motives, norms and regulations which must be adhered to by all people. These ethical motives and norms forbid immoral actions such as drug maltreatment and domestic force. Religious establishment must get down guiding and guidance plans so as to steer and advocate people with psychological jobs associated with drugs and domestic force. Steering and reding plans should be supported by the authorities by guaranting that every small town has atleast two qualified guiding and guidance experts.

The authorities should ordain rigorous Torahs to penalize those involved in drug trafficking in the state. Those got prosecuting in domestic force Acts of the Apostless such as banging, sexual torment, seize with teething and crushing must confront the jurisprudence and be a lesson to them and discourage others from making the same. The wellness section should besides play a major function in educating people in small towns and all learning establishments on the effects of drugs and intoxicant on their wellness.

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