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Drugs Vidal author of “Drugs” witting in 1970 on New York Time’s expresses the authors feeling and devotions making a stand on what she believes to be the truths, backing up every statement with facts or relatable historical events, which are relatable. The author Vidal speaks her mind about making drug illegal does not work, as to end drug addiction, deaths and trafficking, why legalizing drugs would work, and why nonetheless legalization is unlikely to happen, but also including Homage to Daniel Shays Collected Essays.The authors tone is opening straightforward and rational which haves a direct impact on the reader by the use of words creating an atmosphere of her true feelings on this subject which is that neither legalizing or abolishing drugs would solve the problem Americans are facing with the obsessive dealing of drugs which haves many effects on peoples’ lives. The language devices use in this article such as anaphora, and chiasmus creates this organization, which she uses to contradict each statement.When referencing to what should be in effect as to solve the drug issue but as a result of chiasmus she annul both statement and problems and focused on, “who is really to blain….

The government of the United States” stated by Vidal, as a result the authors purpose becomes clear to the reader. The authors purpose was not to introduce a new cause of how to prevent drug dealing but to emphasizes to the people how the government is handling this issue and how they do not try to stop it because they see only the two problems which Vidal stated in her paper.Instead of looking at events from the past and seen, that those tactics which the government is trying to use did not work back then, so why would they work now.

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The author writing over all is an incredible weapon, which not just gets the reader’s attention, but to turn heads to the direction she is leading them. The authors persuasive skills throughout the essay are of course one factor to the brilliant result in this article, but also the way she manipulated the writing with chiasmus using A, B to annul the statement which followed B, A.Makes the writing stand out, have a stronger connection to the reader and also appealing to the reader. The authors tone adds to the use of chiasmus and anaphora, which combines as it creates an atmosphere throughout the article which is powerful direct and rational as it creates statements backed up with facts or when the statements are base of previews, events in history backed up by facts and related to them.The atmosphere throughout the article gives the reader the information they need to make up their mind about the new idea, which they have been introduce to by the author Vidal. The effectiveness of this article by Vidal is powerful, strong and greatly effective as she well organize, emphasize, and backed up her information with a tone that not just convince the reader about the author’s purpose but made it entertaining and amusing to read, making “Drugs” a brilliant interesting article.In conclusion, the article feature in New York Time’s “Drugs” by Vidal writing in 1970, does not just expresses the author’s feeling and devotions making a stand on what she believes to be the truths about what the government is planning to solve the drug dealing in America.

However, a Vidal state that is not the case or way to solve the issue instead she proposes a new idea, which maybe just the right path into solving the issue and preventing more deaths, addicts to fall in the madness and lose themselves to this addicting drug.

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