Drupal consideration and foresight.Used 7 times the number

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Last updated: July 19, 2019

Drupal For Your EnterpriseAs an entrepreneur, you need a reliable, secure, and flexible platform to build your business on.

Not only scalable it should be future-proof to sustain the content without hampering the performance of your website. Leaders worldwide are using the power of open source to innovate their platforms and improve their business statistics. Selecting the right technology means committing the solutions that will support an active, growing business over the long term. Therefore, it requires careful consideration and foresight.Used 7 times the number of top sites as its next two competitors combined (Builtwith.com), Drupal is the top choice for enterprises. Fulfilling the business requirements as well the technical aspects of, it gives you the solution for your new startup as well for the one that is growing rapidly. Why trust Drupal?Drupal is fastest in providing solutionAccording to an Akamai Study, 47% users abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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Your site has to be rather quick to convert those leads into 47% more profit. For this, Drupal (v.8) offers out-of-the-box solutions like Caching (where you don’t need to look around and filter and then add features). With other CMS, one needs to search then add a plugin and then configure the related plugin to the website. However, in Drupal, your solution simply is to configure ‘caching’ when you start. It offers inbuilt caching which you only need to optimize.  Of course, you are looking for solutions to be easy and quick without much toil and that is where Drupal provides you fastest solution.

Grab The Attention QuicklyGraphics and images are the easiest way to catch the attention of your users. Therefore theming plays an important role in website building. According to a study by Nielson group, “…

the first 10 seconds of the page visit are critical for the user to decide to stay or to leave. The probability of leaving is very high during these first few seconds because users are extremely skeptical, having suffered countless poorly designed web pages in the past”. Unlike other CMS, where you often need to ‘upgrade’ or buy certain themes, all themes that Drupal offers (more than 2k themes) are free to use and implement. You don’t need to spend another penny.Define your content and user roleYour business is growing and so are the responsibilities. A job which once required one person now requires four. The complexity of job can make the task (as simple as publishing a blog) more cumbersome.

It is important to mark the roles not just offline but online too. Drupal gives exactly what you are looking for. It lets you create and manage custom, editorial workflows for all content on your website. With content authoring and managing feature, not only can you maintain many ‘editors’ but the administration becomes easier too.

All this without the headache of adding another plugin.In WordPress, out-of-the-box is only till Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Follower/Viewer options, while with Drupal you do not have to install another module to create another role or permission access. And apart from this it also helps you define and select the kind of ‘visitor’ you wish to have on your website. No casual visitor (not signed in) can edit/ comment/ share/ report anything without your permission (signing in). So you can also control user roles as well. Now, you have greater autonomy over what is being published on your website. This reduces abusive content, spam-bot activities and spam comments among others.

 Secure your reputation and servicesDrupal is known for its sound security, which is significant for enterprises (and government organizations too). Drupal is a  tried and tested for its security. Its CMS and application system confronts the most basic web vulnerabilities.

Associations around the globe (partnerships, brands, and governments) depend on Drupal for its security against the most stringent hacks. Drupal has a devoted security group, along with a vast team of experts and specialist. WordPress offers third-party services but they have always been prone to security vulnerabilities, in case you’re not updating those plugins frequently. Numerous security issues are avoided altogether by Drupal’s solid coding guidelines and thorough group code survey process.The Drupal Security Team approves and reacts to security issues. They are fixed confidentially with maintainers to release fixes. The group also fixes security issues and distributes advisories that clarify vulnerabilities, along with steps on how to moderate them. Sell through Drupal CommerceYour website is your first market.

It not only helps you reach your customer base but also introduces them to your products and services. Drupal offers distributions and modules which enables you to build the right application to serve your marketing and commerce strategies, successfully. Drupal Commerce, one such module helps you establish features for your e-commerce website.It can create unique commerce solutions for your business which are easy to use and offer wide reach across the web. Lke this, you make te first connection stronger and last longer.With a reliable product sales experience and rich content publishing features, Drupal Commerce helps attract and engage your customers well.Grow Your Business FurtherAs the size of your organization increases, you might feel to grow business. In another case, as your experience increases you might want to venture into other related services.

For both the instances, you will need another related website for the new situation. Here comes the multi-site feature. Drupal offers multisite which not only interconnects the site but makes the maintenance of the many sites easy. WordPress, on the other hand, establishes a network of blogs which is (again) available with Drupal too.This helps you serve your marketing needs better by targeting the right audience through the right website.

Drupal 8’s built-in language handling abilities help you deliver more value with localized digital experience, saving your time and money in the process (of translation). Building multilingual sites is also quicker and easier with Drupal 8. Core modules in Drupal 8 translate every part of your site. Thus, Drupal lets you manage and connect across countries and continents breaking the barrier of brands and language through a single platform. For complex data or workflow, Drupal connects you better.Make your services mobileAccording to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices.

Drupal 8 is built for a mobile-first world. Everything in Drupal 8 supports mobile responsive design. And when 52.64 percent of web page views worldwide come from mobile devices, you understand how important they could mean in terms of generating revenue.  Mobile responsiveness helps you deliver the optimal mobile visitor experience. Drupal supports best responsive design practices and ensures that your users get a coherent experience anytime and every time. Connect with your team tooThe need for an intranet system cannot be emphasized enough.

For your business to grow by leaps and bounds, it is necessary to establish clear communication within your organization, first.Drupal as an Enterprise portal does more than just serving content. It brings with it, the ability to interact with different stakeholders while also presenting personalized content. Drupal’s integration capabilities help the website to serve as a central content management system integrating with other social media channels.End it with a dealTechnology professionals prefer Drupal for its robust yet flexible system, which provides military-grade security with minimal maintenance required. With the best technology in the market, Drupal gives your enterprise the best features with the flexibility to innovate the web.Quickly build everything from customized sites in any language to complex multilingual web applications with dynamic, language-based displays, using multiple admin languages and translation workflows-all in Drupal.  ——————————————————————————————————————————Drupal offers boundless potential with exclusive highlights and module extensions, also incorporating the combination with third-party integration.

It’s a stage to help you drive your business for the new phase of the digital world with digital business.Your needs are unique to your business and so should be the solution. You require a platform with a strong architecture, which also integrates well with third party applications (in the need of the hour).Leaders worldwide are using the power of Drupal to innovate their platforms.

More than a million websites are running on Drupal including Tesla Motors, Tag Heuer, Pfizer, The Economist, Timex, Fox, Oxfam, Al-Jazeera, among other enterprises. When an enterprise bets on the wrong horse, the result is often significantly higher development costs and reduced flexibility, both of which can stick around for the long haul.In the past decade, adoption of open source software at the enterprise level has flourished, as more businesses discover the considerable advantages open source solutions hold over their proprietary counterparts, and as the enterprise mentality around open source continues to shift.Enterprises looking to make smart use of open source software will find plenty of great reasons to do so. Here are just some of them.

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