Dubai The reason for this well developed infrastructure

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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Dubai is well-known for maintaining an advanced and developed infrastructure from roads to airports to telecommunications.It is said that Dubai has a vision to be among ‘the best in the world’, so they have been working really hard to improve the infrastructure even though it is considered good enough already.

The reason for this well developed infrastructure can be because of the small size of the country which is just 4,114 km². Another reason behind the progressive development of the state can be due to the western methods that have been adopted by Dubai rulers. Few key elements of the infrastructure that is going to be discussed in this report are utilities(electricity, water), transportation(aviation,ports,railways) and communication (telecommunications). 2.5.1)Utilities(electricity, water,energy)Demand for electricity and also water keep growing at the fastest rate in Dubai.This is because of the rapid rise in population, an expanding economy and climatic considerations. Dubai has the highest per capita consumption rates for water and electricity in the world.

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They built many new electricity generation plants in the recent years to keep up with the expanding demand. Now, there is over 27 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity across the seven emirates utilising natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available, 50 per cent of which is imported. These power plants, at which most of them were constructed within the last ten years, are relatively efficient and modern.One of the major source of potable water in Dubai which has only few natural usable sources is desalination. This desalination capacity is expected to double by 2030.It is also said that the electricity generation from fossil fuels bears the responsibility for most of the greenhouse gas emissions in the country.To meet the challenge of meeting the demand for electricity and water in a sustainable manner both from an economic and environmental point of view, UAE Vision 2021 sets national agenda targets for clean energy, water availability and productivity, reduction of carbon emissions and energy intensity.Renewables, traditional hydrocarbons and nuclear energy are few of the diversified energy mix in Dubai.

By 2020, Abu Dhabi predicts that 7% of its energy will be generated by renewables and nearly 20% of the country’s energy needs will be met by nuclear energy, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Dubai does also have substantial groundwater resources which are mostly unusable and largely non-renewable. Dubai uses 3.

3 billion cubic meters of water each year at where 2/3 of this is supplied by the groundwater. More than 70% of water, mostly groundwater, is used for supplying agriculture and forestry. It is also said that the Dubai groundwater could be used up within the next two generations, at where currently in some areas usable groundwater is already used up.In conclusion, if Walmart is going to open one of its branch in Dubai, we think that its operation will go on smoothly in term of utilities. This is because they have reliable electricity grids, access to clean water and also reliable pipelines. 2.5.2)Transportation(airports,ports)Dubai’s seaports are international and regional hubs and an important factor for driving economic growth and facilitating economic diversification just like its airports.

About, 61% of cargo destined for GCC states arrives via the Dubai seaports.  Other than being a global aviation hub, Dubai is also a center for maritime activity and transportation and this is because of its strategic location. Dubai has a lot of port facilities serving to general cargo, container shipping, and the oil and gas industry.Most ports are located on Dubai’s Western coast, including the Port of Jebel Ali, the world’s largest man-made harbor and the biggest port in the Middle East.Aviation is said to be the most important sector of the Dubai economy which also contribute significantly to national GDP. Aviation and logistics IN Dubai is also having a big impact on tourism, hospitality, trade and finance, promoting and strengthening economic diversification.

It can be said that the reason of this success is the strategic location of Dubai, which has made it a truly global hub for air travel, a one-stop connection facilitating flights to a many range of destinations across the world. In conclusion, by looking at the wide variety of well-developed transportation in Dubai, there would not be a much of a problem for Walmart to operate in Dubai as it can allow goods to move efficiently. 2.5.3)Communication (telecommunications)Besides having a well-developed transportations, Dubai also has a fast and efficient telecommunications network under the care of UAE Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). The increased usage of smartphones and tablets has also stimulated data revenues, whereas the rise in social media usage is having a significant impact. These companies in Dubai are also actively involved in satellite telecommunications regionally and globally.

As the telecommunication infrastructure in the country has also been steadily developed, this sector provide for a significant portion of the economy too. Telephones(landlines and mobile cellular), radio and televisions and also internet are few examples of the telecommunications in Dubai.In conclusion, communication system in Dubai has the chance to allow businesses to communicate clearly and quickly.

One of the ways to leverage resources while Walmart operates in Dubai is through creative marketing. While social media captures a lot of attention, do not neglect other resources. By determining what our customers and prospects want, marketing should be focused towards the end.

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