Due and uncertainty on the volumetric calculations in

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Last updated: September 27, 2019

Due to the high demand for reliable estimates and predictions of reservoir performance, numerical reservoir simulation is now one of the rapidly evolving sectors of the oil industry over the past decades. However, advances in electronic computing hardware, as well as significant improvements in numerical analysis methods, have been major contributors to reservoir numerical simulation results. Prior to any on-site history matching process for any field or reservoir, engineers need to study reservoir models that provide insight into the area under study prior to predicting reservoir performance, which is the most important part of an engineer’s development and management process One of the activities of the reservoir. The Matched model is important for making reliable future predictions and has a concept for the understanding of geology and reservoir models. Depending on the available field production data and the complexity of the reservoir, the history matching process can be very time-consuming.

In order to implement the matching model, some changes (parameters) can be made on the geological model and the reservoir model, mainly those with higher uncertainties, such as relative permeability curves, reservoir distribution, and several other sample parameters. The goal of this work is to match historically the Zh86 block of the Zhaozhouqiao field with the Schlumberger Petrel-RE 2014 simulation software. Historical matching based on trial and error method by modifying some reservoir properties, endpoint scaling, and modeling. Includes aquifer support into the system. The best historical match was achieved by modifying the critical water saturation in the system, using the Carter Tracy aquifer model to simulate aquifer support, and modifying the horizontal and vertical permeability of the model.

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After the historical match, two prediction strategies were developed and compared, and here we performed a forward modeling to establish a certain level of confidence in the reservoir model. Production index; forecast water content, water production, oil production, oil well production and oil production. The results and time of these indicators are presented and analyzed.

The result shows that the production capacity of Zh86 block of Zhaozhouqiao Oilfield is still very good. The uncertainty and sensitivity of the reservoir model were evaluated. The effects of some reservoir properties on the volume calculation and simulation results were analyzed in Zh86 block reservoir model. We can see the effect of our Sw and uncertainty on the volumetric calculations in this model. The effect of horizontal well grid resolution was also studied. An integrated model of Zh86 block was established, the horizontal and vertical grid resolution were selected, and then the properties were magnified to model and placed below the impervious shale The best location for each model.

Using a model with fine grid resolution enables you to place the well in the best place in the reservoir model.

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