Due upper layers with each layer providing an interface

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Last updated: December 25, 2019

Due to thefact that the central management system monitors the parking spaces and roadsin real-time as well as the fact that the routes are frequently updated, theGVPS system will need an architecture which prioritises performance and scalabilityover anything else.

This means that the chosen architecture will need to havelocalised critical operations and use large components while includingredundant components and mechanisms for error correcting/fault tolerance. Inthe following, I talk about the most appropriate architectures for thisapplication in particular and which one if the best architecture for GVPS. Alayered style architecture would not be suitable for GVPS since it prioritisessecurity over anything else, this architecture contains many layers which areindependent from the upper layers with each layer providing an interface whichcan be used by different components. But due to the large number of layers thata service request has to go through, performance is greatly affected but forGVPS performance is the most important aspect. Secondly, data-flow architecturewould not be suitable for GVPS mainly due to the linear topology similar to thelayered architecture as well as the fact that this architecture does notprovide high performance.  E.g.

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in thecase of batch sequential style, each component waits till the previouscomponent has fully completed processing the information.  This style is not concurrent which means thatperformance is affected. Next we have the event driven architecture, this isthe most suitable architecture for GVPS since this architecture allowscomponents to remain autonomous this means that increasing the scale of the appwill be easier meaning that if the creators of the application decided toexpand the append features provided, the architecture will support this change.

Secondly, event driven architecture allows systems to be created in a way thatallows improved responsiveness from the GVPS app since these systems are often createdto suit unpredictable environments. Finally, event driven architecture is wellsuited to real-time systems which means that the application will more- able toanalyse data in real-time and respond before events actually take place.Therefore if the this architecture is implemented into the GVPS application, itwill aid with allowing the Central Management System monitoring parking spacesand roads  in real-time and thus updatedriver routes in real-time. The only drawback of using this architecture isthat this architecture is that it is difficult to implement mainly due to architecturesystems being very dispersed meaning that it is difficult for us to identifythe data passed between them. 

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