During companies history or how theyhave been doing

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Last updated: April 21, 2019

During the week we were choosing our stocks I’ve decided to choose the following, AT,Broadcom Limited, Delta Airlines, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average, Home Depot Inc.,Netflix Inc., Nucor Corporation and Target Corporation.The method of how I decide to choose my stocks is that I based it off of popularity, whatcompanies were successful, who were high in stocks and since there was traumatic issues overthe past weeks such a hurricanes, and the holidays around the corner, I chose my stocks over thisas well.

While observing the stocks over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my hypothesis wastrue and also false. The reason for that is because the stock’s vary on how or what they (thecompany) or the people do with it such as money or if they gain any business so to say. ForExample the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico they were without power and on one of the stocks(Home Depot) they sell many generators and many people bought it for the people in PuertoRico. Also Home Depot has tons of Christmas items and many people buy items from there andincreases their stocks day by day. And Netflix is very popular now because of the amazingshows they are producing and the amount of people that just enjoy it. Now AT I thought wasgoing to be successful but i was wrong, their stocks were all over the place for some reason andit was low each time I checked which led me to removing the stock and buying another stock.

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The way I would’ve changed my stock now is by looking at the companies history or how theyhave been doing with their sales and what not and if they have been successful over the years ornot.2Some people save for retirement by stocks and or bonds but that? not the only way. Some peopleopen a or have a retirement fund and save money until it? time for them to quit the job they have.Some maybe have a saving? account and have that ready for them when they get out of work.And some are just waiting for retirement money to come by.With the completion of the stock market game I’ve learned that it? important to learn about thecompany and it? history if you are going to invest in a stock and be sure you have sufficientfunds to afford it.

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