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Last updated: April 21, 2019

During my time in education, art has been the only subjectthat has truly captivated me. This love of art has led me onto my decision tostudy Fine Art at a higher level. Even though I have had a lifelong interest inart, my decision to pursue it came about when I was thirteen.

I remember thenbeing infatuated with the works of artists such as Naomi Hosking and GabrielaBowden and thinking how beautiful they were, creating the desire in me to oneday create my own pieces that were as great as theirs. This ambition has stayedwith me ever since. One other element that inspired me in my decision to pursueart was reading Yayoi Kusama’s autobiography, Infinity Net, and the greatsacrifices she made to follow her ambitions.

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It made me realise what a personalthing art is and how devoted one can be. This in a sense started my will tofollow art as a career.Another thing that draws me to the subject of art is thesignificance and relevance it has in history as well as current society. Arthas the ability to express such a variety of sentiments, holding the ability toprovoke thought and debate as well as express values within society. Forexample, the post-soviet actionists such as Oleg Kulik and Pyotr Pavlensky. Irecently saw an exhibition at the Saatchi displaying these artists whichaddressed issues facing personal and social freedom as well as political idealsand oppression.

Currently I am studying an A Level in Art and Design andhave found this period of study to be highly important to my own style of workand the pieces I create. At the beginning of the course I began looking atartists such as Elly Smallwood and Jenny Saville and created some acrylicpieces of the human body inspired by their work. Before this I’d never reallyused acrylic but I absolutely loved the outcome of the work and carried oncreating pieces like this inside and out of school.

In a sense these projectsstarted a new chapter in terms of my own work, as now I focus a lot of my work aroundthe human body, drawing influence from artists such as Lucian Freud, EgonSchiele as well as Jenny Saville and Elly Smallwood which I had previouslymentioned. Something I admire about these artists is expressive way theypresent the human form and the carefully constructed way they present parts ofthe human experience – for example the setting Freud presents in the paintingNight Interior. This is something I aspire to capture in my own work and havepresented a few of these pieces in my portfolio.

Outside of my studies of art at school I have also attendedlife drawing classes to further my technical drawing skills and myunderstanding of the human form. I found these classes incredibly helpful to myart, teaching me to draw more expressively and helping me to use line tocapture form. Aside from my studies in art, I am also taking A-Levels inEnglish Literature and Media. I found these have helped in supporting andinfluencing my studies in art. For example, literature has helped me in mycurrent project as I’m focusing on narrative illustration, using the poems ofCarol Anne Duffy and Edna St.

Vincent Millay to base pieces off. Media Studieshas also supported my work, allowing me to widen the type of work I do. Forinstance, I have created a few video based projects such as a narrative musicvideo as well as using digital programmes to create posters and digipaksrelating the music video. Creating video projects such as these has contributedto my skills in art, contributing to my understanding of framing andconstructing a scene.I look forward to developing my skills at a degree level andfurther my contextual understanding of art

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