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E-portfolio Music:Shifting perceptionGlobal context: orientation in space and time Run tian Xue   Art elements, space refers to a piece of work around, within or within the distance or area. Space can be positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep, two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Sometimes the space is not actually one, but its fantasy is. Use art space Frank Lloyd Wright said: “Space is the breath of art, a very real statement, because unlike many other artistic elements, almost every piece of art has room.

Painter means space, photographer captures space, sculptor relies on space and form, and architect creates space. This is the basic element of every visual art. Space for the audience to provide a reference to explain the work of art.

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For example, you could draw a larger object than the other to suggest that it is closer to the observer. Similarly, an environmental artwork may be installed to guide the viewer through space. Negative and positive space You will often hear people talk about the negative and positive space in art.

Positive space refers to the subject itself, the structure of a painting of a vase or sculpture. Negative space is left over, between the subjects and inside. We often think that positive is light and negative darkness. This does not necessarily apply to every artwork. For example, you might draw a black cup on a white canvas. We do not necessarily call the cup negative because it is the theme: value is negative and space is positive. In three-dimensional art, negative space is usually an open part of the work.

For example, a metal sculpture may have a hole in the middle, which we call negative space. In two-dimensional art, negative space can have a big impact. Think Chinese style landscape painting, this style is often a simple black ink works, leaving a large white. This negative space means the continuation of the site, adding some peace to the site. Negative space is also a key element of many abstract paintings. Often, you notice that the composition is offset to one side or to the top or bottom. This This is about the lack of communication between two people. They are at different wavelengths.

When the speaker swallows his self-esteem to apologize, the other party has accepted the outcome of their relationship.   However, they seem to have a common standard concerning the progress of their lives. They have such a positive feeling about life and their relationship (or friendship?), Giving them a wakeup call before the world interferes. Although she has traveled far in her life (“away from the city that has never happened before”), she still feels inside the person (or where they have arrived). They are in sync with life and other people, they do not have time, so their relationship will not fail. Adele is really out – her successful career, family, her old life – everything – that is, if she is the speaker.   With incredible scope and true instrumental accompaniment, Adele may convince me to listen to a radio that has just played music for the past 20 years.

She really is the blessing of the music industry Structurally, “hello” is a classic lyric song with some nice harmonics. The introduction is 2 long and long, illustrating the chord structure of most of the songs. Fm Ab Eb Db. Then we hit a long poem consisting of two symmetrical eight sections. When you think about it, it takes quite a long time. It makes the listener wait 1 minute 6 seconds before the first chorus hit.   Then the former chorus.

It is 4 long time, this is the first song from the main chord structure. It awakens your brain when you’re ready to start thinking about something else. Chords are not at all discordant with chords and chorus chords, but they provide enough to leave so that the entire color changes (the Cm in the sequence brings a little “after-time” atmosphere, which is interesting).   It is also the only time that it has detached itself from this torn apart rhythm, and one-eighth of its syllables have a very good rhythm. Note that in the third bar of both pre-mixes, the harmony rhythm switches to a point score, one-eighth connects to a quarter instead of a half note, and Db chords tap beats 4 instead of From the beginning we have been transferred to the tempo (which is expected to hit the next shot of the first beat). This is very effective. It created a surprise, a small shock, which made the next bar feel particularly long, like a 5/4 bar, which delayed and dramatic the choir’s sense of pessimism.

Very clever, very simple, but also (spent 10 minutes, learning prechorus and two-way playing, there are no rhythm tricks 4 3rd section to see which is more emotional)   Then the chorus hits the chord and the structure of the scriptures. It’s just a new melody in the same material, but it feels like new and soaring. Then we get another introduction, exactly the same song top, and a new verse.

The second section has only eight bars instead of 2X8 as the first one, which helps to move the song together. I believe they feel boring for another 16 verses at this tempo. Or, she ran something that was hard to guess. Then the second prechorus and the second choir. The first mirror.

  The bridge is eight bars and is based on the prechorus chord, but the same arrangement as the chorus. Then we went back to a 16-chorus choir, the reverb effect of the last piano chord.        

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