Each victory there is no survival.” As is illuminated

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Each person faces problems in their life and each person reacts to their problems differently.

Sometimes people act out of anger, others decide to completely ignore the problem, while some people decide to think out their issues to solve them. Different responses lead to different outcomes and many times, the outcome is not what we expected, which is why there needs to be a certain way to react to conflict for the best results and solutions. The best way to respond to conflict is to evaluate the situation to decide which solution would be best for everyone who is affected, then taking action. If people more oftenly responded to situations of conflict like this, there would not be as many irrational decisions made and there would be an improvement in the world. This response to conflict, is the most efficient because you are deciding to do something and fight for something you believe in rather than giving up, it also ensures thought out decisions and that people do not act irrationally, and this way, everyone who is affected is thought of and is able to get assistance so no one is left alone to face the conflict. To begin with, this response is the wisest because you are choosing for yourself to do something and take action instead of waiting for the conflict to just solve itself. The reason our country has advanced from the segregation times and racial bias because of people who stood up and decided to at least try to stop the conflict instead of silently watching and enduring or watching others endure the pain.

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An example of this is from Winston Churchill’s Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat speech shown in the Studysync book,”Victory at all costs-Victory in spite of terrors- Victory, however  long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.” As is illuminated by the evidence, this text explains how Winston Churchill decided that the United Kingdom would do something about what was happening despite the risks because he knew it was for the betterment of everyone else’s lives. He knew that deciding not to take action would be the same as abandoning his country when they needed a leader the most.

Furthermore, another piece of evidence from the Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears speech reads,” “War with all our might and with all the strength God had given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark.” Evidence like this positions someone to see how Churchill wanted to show that taking action is the easiest way to go to stand up for what him and his country believed in. He is also explaining how remaining united and deciding to not be afraid can stop the conflict at hand or at least lessen the effects of World War II. Although the reasoning above makes sense, many may say instead of just making bad decisions, if you wait to let the conflict die out or do not get involved, then you do not have to go through any issues. They will say it is unwise to take a risk. But, this is not fully true. Although you are taking a risk it is for good reason and There is no point in just doing nothing when you know you can make a difference or at least try to. Without taking action, many of the rights we have would not have existed.

Being able to take a risk is a valuable skill that needs to be used when needed. “Why would I do that? Ugh…I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” People always say these common words whenever they make a mistake or do something they weren’t supposed to.

But, has anyone ever wondered why people do stuff they know they will regret in the first place? The answer is simple, we act without thinking and let personal factors cloud your judgement. Another reason the best way to react to conflict is to evaluate the situation to decide which solution would be best for everyone who is affected, then taking action because this way you are analyzing the situation to ensure you do not make any irrational situations. For instance, as the Hitler Youth article reads,”Worried now, Sophie buckled and studied hard to pass the Abitur…Later, Sophie would not buckle again on her political views…

she wrote, “I don’t like to think about it, but soon there is going to be nothing left but politics” From the quote, one recognizes that Sophie understood she had to listen during school because her studies were important, but she still valued her opinion and decided to write another letter to Fritz and was able to voice her opinions in a respectful way. This is also an example of when somebody did not just act on impulse and made a sensible decision. Despite deciding to keep her thoughts in school, once she was out of high school she strived for what she believed in an didn’t let anything or anyone get in her way. The idea of humans acting without thinking have occurred numerous times in history and one of the most well-known examples is from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

 One of the most famous lines from the play reads,” “Yea, noise? Then I’ll be brief. O happy dagger. This is thy sheath. There rust and let me die. (stabs herself with ROMEO’s dagger and dies).” This line displays how Romeo and Juliet acted without thinking and did not hesitate to kill themselves which caused their families much pain.

This is an example of when they didn’t think about how their families and other would feel to find them lying dead on the ground. Usually in conflict the situations aren’t as dramatic or to this extent but the effects are the same. No matter the situation, when you make stupid decisions without thinking, the outcome is going to negatively affect us.

Despite this, there have been circumstances where acting without thinking have been helpful and people would say that if you take time to think, something major could happen or the conflict could increase. To this, my response is this, when you act before thinking, many times the first idea is just because of a certain emotion that was a reaction to the situation and does not actually help most of the time. When you are able to think before you act, you know the expected outcome or effect should be beneficial. Take this essay for a example, imagine if I wrote this entire thing without a prewrite or thinking out ideas, I wouldn’t be able to prove to you the correct way to respond to conflict. You’re walking through a haunted house with your friends and you guys are all hugging and walking together, staying on one side as a pack. After fourth period you go to lunch and you go to the table where your friends usually sit but you get worried when it’s been five minutes and no one has shown up. You are walking in the mall and you trip on your shoelace and you’re worried people saw and are going to make fun of you. There is one common thing in all of these situations, fear.

Fear of being all alone, fear of isolation, and fear of embarrassment. Somewhere since the time we were born, we have had someone to give us a little boost or helping hand but imagine if we never did that for someone else, and let people struggle rather thatus giving them help. In a conflict, someone is always at the bottom, struggling the most and whether we are part of the conflict or not, we should always give that person on the bottom a small boost for them to climb up. Imagine if we just decided to fend for themselves and basically told the other person to figure it out themselves.

So, when we react to conflict by first thinking of a solution that helps everyone part of the conflict, no one is left to face the problem on their own.In reference to the play, Diary of Anne Frank, the text reads,” Mr:Frank” We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” he sits down with his head in his hands…. This quote is instrumental in demonstrating that instead of fighting and kicking people out of the Annex,they need to protect one another. Mr. Frank realizes that everyone must cooperate or they will ruin their chances of survival  by themselves.

Furthermore, the AOW, Courage in Denmark: Resistance to Nazis in WWII states the following,” A small number of individuals refused to stand by and watch. These people had the courage to help by providing hiding places, underground escape routes, false papers, food, etc.” From the quote, one recognizes that The non-Jews who helped knew that they were at risk but decided that it was time to take action so the conflict could end. This helps many Jews and gives them a better chance of survival as well as makes sure no one is basically on their own and has some support. Yet, many may be thinking, “people should think about themselves before others, and let others find their solution for their problems so they can’t drag me down.

” To anybody who has this mindset I say, ” If you think about yourselves, there is no sense of humanity, especially during a time of conflict. When helping others who are going through similar things as you, it gives you reassurance two weapon fighting as well as a boost for other people. There are higher chances of the conflict ending when more minds are put together.” So, no, I am not asking you to run into a house on fire and rescue everyone from that house. I am simply telling you to be the person who calls 911 the second they see the fire light. At the end of the day, everyone goes through something and they have a choice, whether they want to be rational about the conflict or if they just don’t care and let whatever happens happen. If you want to be the person who sits lazily on the couch not getting into conflict but not doing anything either, you’re allowed to.

But, if you want to be the person who does something to make a tiny piece of the word better, you’re saying that you have a brain and a voice, and you’re going to use it. Most people want the same outcome coming out of a conflict and the best way to do this is by evaluating the situation to decide which solution would be best for everyone who is affected, then taking action. No matter what the situation or factors, to overcome challenges in life there needs to be a strategy. A strategy to make sure your life goes a certain way and that you are in control of the outcome.

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