EAE sustainability in power supply without interruption. Electrical

EAE Turkey power distribution system is much energy efficient with compact
décor to prevent the source of electrocution or short circuit. IIGM company has
made joint collaboration with EAE Elektrik AS in Turkey
to provide innovated  electric bus bars
or electrical trunking accessories
to various corporate sectors covering healthcare, building constructions, large
textile, and factories to maintain sustainability in  power supply without interruption.  Electrical bus bars are installed in the
switchgears or small metallic enclosures to enhance the smooth power
channelization to gigantic machines and operational floors.

of Installing EAE Electrical Bus Bars 

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During power transmission, the
metal casing of bus bars absorbs heat to cool indoor ambience

Easy installation due to  technical precision to design electrical trunking system 

Higher flexibility  with ISO 9000 quality assurance

Much safer than conventional
cable pulleys

Excellent resistance power with
minimum loss of voltage 

Upgraded ergonomic bus bars
have the least electromagnet comparing to heavy cables 

5000 ampere electricity can be
bypassed through new EAE electrical trunking vehicle.

Certified junction boxes and
plug-in accessories  wipe out manual

Metallic casing of the bur bar
is not prone to rust and mildew

EAE E-line Bus Bars –Risk Free with Higher Compatibility

EAE e-line bus bars spoon feed multiple
floors of factories/buildings without causing any cumbersome damage to the power distribution system.  If required, these e-line bus bars can be
tapped off using single switch.  EAE
electrical bus bars are exempted from halogen without requiring any cable tray
to complete the modification/resetting process.

Innovation in EAE electrical trunking and
bus bars is carried on smoothly. E-line KX compact bus bars are highly
resistant to seismic impulses with unique ingress safety level.  Engineers don’t have to opt for power tap-off
boxes to use this new edition of e-line bus bars.






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