Earliest the admiration of that name’s component phonemes in

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Last updated: November 23, 2019

Earliest Madurese names were taken from Madura vocabularies like Lenggi, Pandan, and Langkap which recently got influenced by Islamic and western words. Hence, the name of children nowadays are more complicated, difficult to spell, and has no relation with Madura language which can show their identity as Madurese. In the other words, the traditional language usage in naming children is less popular compared to other languages. It makes the names sometimes sound like western names and sometimes sounds like Arabic names.The previous related study concerning on the trend of naming baby entitled ‘From Karen to Katie: Using Baby Names to Understand Cultural Evolution’ by Berger, Bradlow, Braunstein, & Zhang (2012) examines how the admiration of that name’s component phonemes in other names in the previous year affect the popularity of naming for baby.

This research was using more than 100 years of first-name data which concluded that popular names are influenced by the booming phenomena recently. It influences individual choices which in turn to form the joint patterns that affect the future choices of other individuals, and consequently cultural evolution.Besides, the previous study emphasized on the naming baby rules had been conducted by Indonesian researchers. One of them is written by Zulfiana Amaliana (2016) entitled ‘Akulturasi Budaya dalam Pemberian Nama Anak pada Keluarga Perkawinan Campuran antara Suku Bali dan Non-Bali di Desa Kalibukbuk san Desa Gerokgak Kabupaten Buleleng’. This study was provided full and thorough overview of the structures of names of intermarriage’s children who parents are Balinese and non-Balinese in Gerokgak and Kalibukbuk villages. It concludes that there is a shift in naming the children specifically when intermarriage between non-Balinese men and Balinese women. Meanwhile, if the men are Balinese, they tend to maintain to give their children name containing Balinese culture. This research will focus in the Madurese community which does not have specific rule agreements in naming their children.

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Seeing the decimation of local name among Madurese community phenomenon, the researcher interests to investigate what types of name used by Madurese community recently, what parents’ considerations in choosing names for their children are, and the children’s perception towards the given names whether they like it or not.

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