Early In 1872, when the oil rich lands

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EarlylifeHajiZeynalabdin Tagiyev was born in 1823 in a poor family of shoemakers in Baku.His mother Ummu passed away when Zeynalabdin was 10 years old. LittleZeynalabdin was a hardworking and an intelligent child. He worked as abricklayer when he was 10 years old.  Hewas already specialized in masonry by the age of 12, and he was already a stonemasonwhen he was 15 years old.

After a while he begins to be recognized as a masterof construction and organizer. After saving, and accumulating some amount ofmoney he started to build houses and sell them. He personally supervised hissubsequent construction work. His style was obvious, in buildings which heconstructed, for example, in the building he lived and personally launchedgymnasium for girls.BusinessLater he starts to deal with tradeand light industry.

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  He succeeds in bothfields thanks to his abilities, owns shops and manufactures. He was one of themost successful entrepreneurs’ who was exporting Baku oil via Caspian Sea andCaucasian railway. As a result of purposeful measures, Tagiyev was one of thefirst national industrialists to break the colonial character of Azerbaijan’seconomy.OilIndustry and transportation          In 1870, Tagiyev had akerosene plant with two boilers. Along with the Kerosene plant, he latercreated “H. Z. Tagiyev” company.

All Muslim, Russian, and Jewishcharities in Baku chose him as Honorary Chairman. At that time, Baku became thereal oil state. In the villages surrounding Baku, the lands were bought byinvestors from Russia and abroad, and oil barriers were raised.

This alsoattracts Haji and he starts to operate in oil sector. In 1872, when the oilrich lands were in auction, Tagiyev also rent’s a land. Tagiyev,who never lost hope, finally actualize his desires. Oil erupts like a fountainfrom the lands that he acquired. By registering the oil company “H. Z. Tagiyev”he pays a high salary to the laborers of Zeynalabdin mine, and installs thelatest equipment.

As a result his revenues are rapidly increasing. After that,he also purchases oil refineries. In 1882, Tagiyev was nominated as a merchantof the 1st Guild. In 1896 his oil company achieved the highest results inproduction. 32 million pounds (512kg) of oil.

  Due to the creation of “Mazut” company,they create the “Baku-Batumi” oil pipeline joint stock company with leadershiplocal wealthy person Colaq Aghabala Quliyev.

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