Early In the wake of Malcolm X’s assassination

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Early Life: Bobby Seale was born on October 22, 1936 in Texas. Seale grew up with an abusive father, and his family moved across the country to California. Seale then attended high school, and this is when he started to become interested in politics.

Seale joined the airforce in 1955, and was later kicked out of the air force for an altercation with a superior officer. Seale met Huey Newton, future co-founder of the Black Panther Party, at a rally protesting against the Kennedy Administration’s blockade of Cuba. Bobby Seale was inspired to fight for racial equality by one of Malcolm X’s speeches in 1962.Turning Point: In the wake of Malcolm X’s assassination in 1965, Seale founded the Black Panthers.

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The Black Panthers was a party that practiced militant self-defense of minority communities against the U.S. government.

The Black Panther Party gained some attention in May 1967. This was because a small group of its members, led by Seale, marched fully armed into the California state legislature in Sacramento. They did this because they believed that African Americans had a constitutional right to bear arms, based on the  the second amendment. The Black Panther Party marched on the body as a protest against the pending Mulford Act.

By 1969 FBI director J. Edgar Hoover considered the Black Panther party the biggest threat to national security. Seale was then accused of inciting riots during the Democratic national convention the year before. When in court, Seale repeatedly rose to insist that he was being denied his constitutional right to counsel, so the judge ordered him bound and gagged. He was convicted of 16 accounts of contempt, and served 4 years in prison. Civil Rights ~ His Position: Bobby Seale was a firm believer in racial equality.

He spent the time he had in politics fighting for the right to bear arms, something his race was not allowed to do. Compared to other racial equality activists, Seale was a lot more aggressive, and preferred to lead riots rather than boycotts.Contributions to Civil Rights: Bobby Seale created The Black Panthers, a large group of racial equality activists. He helped inspire change all across the U.S., and he continues to do so with his books to this very day.

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