Early old,his parents divorced each other,and Elon had

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Early YearsElon Musk was born in the 28th of June,1971 in South Africa,Pretoria.Growing up, Elon had two parents,his mother of canadian descent and his father of south african descent,and two siblings,his brother Kimbal Musk and sister Tosca Musk.When Musk was little,like any other child,he had a fear of the dark.

Then Elon taught himself that the presence of the dark,was the absence of photons.Knowing,this Elon quickly got over his fear of the dark.By the time Elon was 10 years old,his parents divorced each other,and Elon had stayed with his father.

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As Elon became more and more intellectual,he created an enthusiastic hobby for reading books and computer coding.Later on, he made a simple game called Blastar based on the knowledge he gathered on coding.Afterwards, Elon sold it to a magazine called PC and Office Technology for $500.

EducationWhen Elon got older he went and studied at Pretoria boys high school which was his local learning institution.After Four years, he decided to move to Canada for a university.Elon was then able to get his Canadian passport through his mother who was Canadian-born.After He arrived in Canada, Elon worked odd jobs around Canada to finance himself until he had enough for university. Elon went to Queen’s University in Toronto for two years and afterwards went to the University of Pennsylvania.In the University of Pennsylvania, Elon earned a business degree and received a scholarship to go to the University of Stanford.Elon said in an interview that he wanted to go somewhere where breakthroughs were happening.Elon’s brother Kimball was also living in Canada and was invited by Elon to live together at Elon’s apartment.He had about $2000 to finance himself for his apartment and would reportedly shower at the campus’ gym showers.Creation Of Zip2At the time of Elon’s musk first company the internet was only a few years old, and Elon’s plan was to make an online company.Elon’s plan was to use coding to make a digital website where he would include newspapers.This was a company between his brother Kimbal and him so Kimbal was the salesman and Elon was the businessman.After the creation of Zip2, businesses and investors from around the country wanted to take part and get involved in Zip2.After some time, a company named Compaq decided to buy Zip2 for $34 million in stock and $307 million from Elon and Kimbal when Elon was 28 years old.

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