Early specific topic.4 They become more responsible for their

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Early childhood education is the basis of children’s learning. What they do or the routines they acquire in these early years will determine their learning for many years. But some people think that young children can not study alone and that they can simply scribble or draw.

However, this school stage is very important in your life, because they assimilate very well the intellectual stimuli.The game and many other activities lead children to experience and know what surrounds them, in this process in which our children explore their world acquire certain knowledge automatically.I have fun game being a scientist…Children begin to wonder what is most important to them and, therefore autonomously choose the information they want and evaluate this knowledge through practices or experiments that lead them to acquire new information.

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For children to be self-taught or acquire some knowledge for themselves is a simple task that develops naturally through the game, whose main function is to discover and learn new skills.Our children investigate their personal interests based on the experience they gain in education we offer at home or in the community in which they live and based on that knowledge they generate or discover new knowledge for themselves.Self-learning consists of learning by oneself and is known as self-learning.

Self-learning basically consists in the individual search for information and also in the individual realization of the corresponding experiments and practices.Self-learning in some way is something that is found in almost all living organisms in an innate way and that comes to light generally at the behest of the game. Although not taken into account at the precise moment of the game, playing involves the apprehension of new skills and the improvement of those who are already possessed.Almost always self-learning begins with the game and then, over time, you discover that you have learned a lot in this way, in addition to having fun, of course.What advantages do self-taught children have?1 They can pose problems on their own and, therefore, provide solutions to solve this problem.2 They will learn to investigate and innovate for themselves at a personal pace based on their abilities and levels.3 will be more interested in knowing a specific topic.4 They become more responsible for their knowledge and what they want or know how to do.

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