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EARLY STIMULATION IN CHILDREN.Stimulating children is vital for their psychomotor development,there are different elements that can be part of this process. Children must bestimulated from birth through mobile phones, music and visual effects such asTablet with animated landscapes, once they are bigger they can be stimulated bymeans of flashy toys that have different textures.Earlystimulation includes a set of activities that can be applied from birth to 6 or7 years of age, age group with greater cerebral plasticity. It is not onlyappropriate to apply it to healthy children but also to children with real orpotential disorders in their development, in order to stimulate theircompensatory capacities.

The importance of stimulating children.It is surprising to find manycases of children from 7 to 12 years old who have very little information aboutthe world around them, who have serious difficulties expressing themselvesorally, who have difficulty understanding what they hear or what they readbecause they do not have information they have a poor vocabulary whose words,most of the time, they are not able to define.Stimulation of the baby from the uterusAlthough when our son is born he is surrounded by stimuli, it isin the womb where the stimulation begins, since the fetus is in continuousdevelopment, his senses begin to prepare and sharpen. Talking to the baby issomething that will benefit him, because even if we do not see him, he willlisten to us and react to it. We must talk to him as if he were with usoutside, experiencing everything that the environment provides us.Placing a flashlight on theabdomen and moving it will help stimulate the baby’s eyesight, since a slightamount of light reaches the belly.

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But we must be careful, since the child isvery sensitive and should not abuse light.Music has a very favorable effect on the fetus, since ithelps to develop brain activity.Stroking the belly is astimulus that the baby feels indirectly through heat, movement and vibration.During these stimulationtechniques, the participation of the rest of the family allows the baby tobecome familiar with their future environment. Early stimulation in the first months of life.

Our baby was born! In this first phaseof growth it is adapting to the world that surrounds it, the early stimulationwill continue being our ally to strengthen its growth.With different exercises wehelp you strengthen your cognitive and motor functions. early stimulation inthe first months of life is focused on the development of the child’s senses…

So,likewise, it helps us to magnify the beautiful bond between mother and son. 

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