Lab interreach variability

In figure 2, we observe that dissolved oxygen levels are higher in site 2 compared to site 1 and that variations within the same site are rather small. Lastly, both figure 1 and figure 2 show slightly higher elevations of both pH and dissolved oxygen at the 3rd location of sampling. In figure 3, we observe a significant correlation between pH and Simpson Diversity Index where it can be noted

The Poor

The Poor Poverty is everywhere in the world. Not everyone knows that there are people that are poor right in their own back yard. The new Pope Francis is very big on helping the poor he has gave a lot of speeches about the subject. In the world there is around 1. 29 billion people living in poverty, in the U. S. A there is around 46. 5 million homeless,

The Political, Religious, and Economic Effects

The peoples had began to question the church during the Renaissance, bringing the core concepts of the Reformation into being, causing the Church to reform itself as well. These pivotal events caused many changes in almost all aspects of life during the sixteenth century.The Reformation and Counter/Catholic Reformation gave rise to a permanent split in European beliefs, altering entire governments as they grew away from the Church, forcing the ecclesiastical

The New Social Contract

The old social contract has become fragile and contains many flaws. The social contract contains an Immense Importance for the citizens, professionals, healthcare Institutions and government. Therefore, It Is very much important to mention some important and relevant elements which can make a new social contract flaw less and more reluctant for all the stakeholders. For this purpose, my discussion has been carried out in order to make a proper

Why and In What Ways Did Medieval European Attitudes Towards Death Change With the Advancement of the Reformation

Death is the most certain of all universal truths. It’s shadow can be seen cast over almost all aspects of life. No matter what culture you come from, there is a certain formula that is followed when dealing with death. For humans within a society, deaths’ affects are recognized on a personal level (person to person), within a family, within the greater society, it’s economy, government, and religion. Personal grief

Capital Punishment In The UK

It is clear from the statistics shown in figure 1 that the crime rate has increased dramatically since the abolition of the death penalty. As shown in the graph there was a decrease in crime and it then increases again at a very steady rate suggesting deterrent methods have become weak, and, or, crime is becoming more common in general. The graph is based on American statistics but it is

Critically evaluate the significance of Vatican II for the 21st Century Church

The Second Vatican Council was convened by Pope John XXIII in 1962 with the intention of throwing open the windows of the Church so that ‘we can see out and the people can see in’. It closed under Pope Paul VI and has repeatedly been said to be the most significant event for Catholicism in the 20th Century and beyond. The results of Vatican II were wide-ranging for Catholics but

The Reduction of Prejudice

It is prejudice that I am concerned with and ways that you can reduce it in order to stop discrimination happening. To stop prejudice attitudes increasing we need to get rid of the idea of stereotyping people in a bad way. Below is a list of ways in which prejudice can be, and has tried, to be reduced. ? Enforced contactDeustch and Collins (1951) looked at two housing estate- one


The 2008 supreme crisis also known as the mortgage supreme crisis has been an earthquake in financial world that result in billion of losses and pushed the states to intervene on the free market to prevent its total collapsing. The Supremes have generated a loss of 500 billion dollars between 2007 and 2008, drying the banks reserves in cash, and pushing those companies to inject 300 billion in fresh money.This


“Hydrotherapy’s and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing. ” 66-73 in Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology, edited by Andrea Smith, Beth E. Archie and Julia Sturdy. Cambridge, MA:South End Press. The purpose of Andrea Smith’s article is to provide an alternative to problematic strategies in the political organizing efforts of people of color.She asserts that people of color organizing often assumes a static framework

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