Rapid Population growth is the only explanation for poverty

Rapid population growth is only a factor causing poverty and this is only in certain circumstances, unfortunately these circumstances are not rare. Other factors such as debt repayments, war and sanctions and unfair trade rules imposed by western powers also affect the amount of poverty that is to be found within a country. Rapid population growth can play a very large part in reducing a countries population to poverty. This

How Macintyre’s or Aristotle’s account of a life lived in accordance with virtues could be applied to the issue of consumerism

Aristotle’s ethics emphasizes the importance of reason and virtue for good moral character. Aristotle argued that every action has a purpose (telos), and that the good is the aim of every action. He went on and gave two classifications of good: Good as a means; good as an ends. He believed that happiness is the ultimate good or ultimate purpose for what other purposes are sought for. Aristotle believed that

Why Religious people may have problems with transplant surgery

Transplant surgery is the transfer of an organ or a tissue from one person, where it is not needed, to another person or from one site to another within the same body, where it is required. People may need this as a result of loss of an organ, a missing organ or because of a malfunctioning or diseased organ. For example, if an alcoholic suffered from liver disease and was

How The Teachings About Being A Disciple Might Make A Difference In The Everyday Lives Of Christian Believers Today

Mark’s gospel clearly outlines the teachings of being a disciple. However some may insist that the teachings are not relevant in the modern world. Nonetheless modern Christians have used the teachings to follow in the path of the first Christian disciple who faced death as the price. The teachings of being a disciple may make a difference in modern Christians lives through many forms. It may show and demonstrate the

How History Has Influenced My Life

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: How History Has Influenced My Life The United States has evolved greatly with time since the arrival of the settlers from the United Kingdom. It is a country, which has been on the path of growth due to the presence of diversity. The United States became an independent state after the declaration of independence on July 4 1776. Majority of the settlers were from the English

Economic Growth

Economic growth is the long term expansion of a countrys productive potential Short term growth is measured by the annual % change in real national output – this is mainly driven by the level of aggregate demand (C+I+G+X-M) but is also affected by shifts in SRAS Long term growth is shown by the increase in trend or potential GDP and this is illustrated by an outward shift in a countrys

Psychonomics and poverty alleviation

To truly assess the contribution that the concepts of psychological capital and psychonomics have made towards the task of poverty alleviation, our focus should not be on these concepts existing in isolation in the ongoing fight against poverty, but rather, include the earlier conceptualisations, ongoing work and prospects for the future. This paper seeks to address the issue of poverty assessment and alleviation by considering the conceptualisations which have directed

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