Value Our project aims at facilitating this task

 Value Proposition: Government ofIndia’s 2030 EV dream:The government has expressed a desirefor the country to completely migrate to electric vehicles by 2030. While thereis a paradigm shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) there is still uncertaintyover whether there would be acceptance of these EVs as a part of themain-stream car purchasing market. Our project aims at facilitating thistask by offering self-driven electric vehicles powered by a smart application.This would lead to

The stable. After the cement casing hardens, a

       The problem that I’m discussing in my essay is how Fracking is bad for our environment. By intoxicating our drinkable water sources and making them unhealthy for us and animals to consume, this is done with the same chemicals that are used to pump out the oil out of the ground, and also the fossil fuels that are not fully extracted out of the ground, those end

Adoption Is An Option

The idea of abortions has seemed to sweep through the United States throughout the past decade. The number of abortions has increased to surprising levels, and America has made abortions very accessible to its citizens. According to the latest statistics from, abortion rates have risen from 744,600 in 1973, when Roe v. s. Wade first happened, to a total of 1,365,730 abortions from ’73 until 1993 in Massachusetts alone.

Portfolio project

Name Course Instructor Date Portfolio project Data Bloomberg and Morningstar were used in the search for risky assets and T-bill for this portfolio. The risky assets used are Mutual funds: BRPIX, IBOBX, VTMSX, ATHAX, WASAX, PRMTX and DCMVX Exchange Traded Funds (ETF): VGT, VDC, SPY, IYR, RFV, AGG To gain basic knowledge on ETF and mutual funds, I logged on to the New York Stock Exchange website. This website provides

History of the U.S. Intelligence

History of the U.S. Intelligence Introduction The US invested heavily in developing the intelligence system during the Second World War. The government established agencies and put in place legislation, tools, and other support system to help the agencies gather information. Although this was the case, the government seems not to have placed enough measures to help it in analyzing the gathered information. Shortly after the government had created an intelligence

1. business and consumer confidence, this is because

1.      BusinessCycle.·        “The term “business cycle” (or economic cycle orboom-bust cycle) refers to economy-wide fluctuations in production, trade, andgeneral economic activity. From a conceptual perspective, the business cycle isthe upward and downward movements of levels of GDP (gross domestic product) andrefers to the period of expansions and contractions in the level of economicactivities (business fluctuations) around a long-term growth trend. (1)”·        The business cycle describes overalltrends in GDP. It shows how economies

NATFA, which stands for North American Trade Agreement,

NATFA, which standsfor North American Trade Agreement, was very crucial to the development ofMexico. It was signed in December 17, 1992 and entry into force was on January1, 1994. The free trade agreement was signed by Mexico, Canada and the UnitedStates. According to INC, NAFTA “eliminated tariffs barriers to agricultural,manufacturing, and services; to remove investment restrictions; and to protectintellectual property rights. ” By eliminating these barriers, it creates jobs,attracts foreign

The this current event and its underlying policy

The Case Against SROsHardampaul KalerWord Count: 2,056December 21, 2017Introduction     With the Toronto District School Board’s recent decision to end the police presence in Toronto district high schools, major debates surrounding the legitimacy, efficacy and practicality of the program are being had. What kind of state sends armed police officers to patrol the hallways of the nation’s high schools? What kind of message does a police presence in high schools

As Central America with Dominican Republic Free Trade

Asthere are many fans of NAFTA, there must be a lot of critics on it too. Thosewho are agreeing with the agreement would say that issues like an establishmentof trade standards, protection of intellectual property rights, and opening upof new opportunities. Those who are against the agreement in the U.S. have pointedout that jobs opportunity have actually been lost and been moved especially toMexico. 14free trade agreements have been made

Financial defaults. Many of financial institution and the

Financial crisis of 2007/8 reviewed as the worst crisis after depression, one of the main reason of financial crisis is because of different issues occurred during the period. One of the factor is financial innovation and subprime mortgage markets. The function of financial innovation is creating new financial instruments, technologies, institutions and markets. The outcome of financial innovations are mortgage-backed securities products and collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) in mortgage markets

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