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 “AGrain of Wheat”V.S “CrackingIndia”We have been studying the effects of Colonializationby the British rule amongst different cultures across the globe. To begin, westarted off looking at documentaries of real life events at the same time read novelsrelated to the events. In order to gain a deeper understanding we underwent a closereading analysis, told by highly admired authors. The objective is to becomeaware of the tragedies and artistries that bring these

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I am applying for Biomedical science because my enthusiasm to study this subject has originated from my passion for biology. I am mesmerized by the biomedical laboratory technology field and helping to make a diagnosis, surgical procedures, and health maintenance. After completing my studies at university I hope to gain a work placement within a hospital to further my knowledge and understanding of biomedical science. In my future, I wish

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Auguste Lumière and Louis Lumière are French inventors who pioneered photographic equipment and manufactured the first motion picture camera and projector known as Cinématographe, which led to a new form of art and entertainment known as Cinema. They were both born in Besancon, France and are sons of Antoine Lumière, a painter turned photographer. When they settled in Lyon, their father opened up a manufacturing business for the production of

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Being curious I spent a lot of time on looking through books dedicated to history and science; discovery and BBC documentaries allowed me to see how fascinating and diverse our world is, so I found my passion in learning how it changes and operates. As I grew older I began to see the entire world as a single organism sustained by economic developments, political affairs and diplomatic settlements. So, it

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A documentary typically recognized by considering its title, exposure, subject matter, word of mouth. This labeling leads the viewer to expect that the people, events, and places are showcased to viewers exist and that the data presented about them will be reliable. Documentaries mainly aim to present authentic data and information. However, just as in fiction films, documentaries can produce films in a variety of ways. In some cases, the

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