EDEL 350 Final

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Last updated: May 1, 2019
What king of summary frame is used to describe a particular concept and subordinate concepts?
A definition frame
What drives instruction and planning
State Standards and Indicators
What is the lowest level of Bloom’s you should use in a effective lesson
Which note taking strategy is least effective
Which Bloom’s verb is not measurable
When should modeling occur in a lesson
After New Information
Which instructional strategy would not be used in an Edel 350 lesson
• Homework should be practice and -not new information-Homework 10 mins per grade level
The students and the teacher are all involved in this part of the lesson
Guided Practice
Which is not a part of Educational professionalism?
Aptitude-your ability or expected ability
(?) Native advanced organizer is not a graphic organizer
(?) Native advanced organizer is not a graphic organizer
What is this?
What types of questions should you be avoiding?
Which types of grouping groups students by ability level?
Homogeneous groups
The 5-E inquiry lesson has
Engagement, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, Evaluate
50% of a child’s potential intelligence is developed
From birth to age 4
Ineffective praise is
Effusive (overly done)
Which is useful for assessing student learning?
Authentic assessment
Students’ response to what they have read or learned
The purpose of practice application is to evaluate
Concept of mastery and mastery of the objectives
Symbolic intelligence is not a multiple intelligence
no answer
The main purpose of homework is to
develop good study habits

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