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Educationsupported with technology is a tool to change the life of one society fromtraditional way of leaving to modern society. According toAfrican Development Bank, the World Bank and the African Union (2011)”Education forms the basis for developing innovation, science and technology,in order to harness our resources, industrialize, and participate in the globalknowledge economy and for Africa to take its rightful place in the globalcommunity”.  So that ICTis becoming the common practice in all aspects of human life like businesses,education, politics and social life (Alemu 2015). According to UNESCO (2005) ineducation amendment is required to progress with the technological changes in21st century.

In this century developments in technological toolsfor education, research and development, innovation and inventions are in quickprogress. To cope up with this changing technological movement integration ofICT in teaching and learning is important. In Ethiopia education system was startedaround 1800 with the aim of training teachers. Latter the current government ofEthiopia is given priority for education sector development as the role playerfor the economic development of the country. To support the sector thegovernment designed a policy which is encouraging education sector (Educationsystem Ethiopia 2015). According to Education for All 2015 National Review (2015)the Ethiopian government focused on science and technology field of study toachieve the national transformation and growth plan of the government to becompetitive in this information age.

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 Quality of education, equipping education sector managers, harmonizingcurriculums, using technological tools in teaching and learning is highestpriority of the Ethiopian government. Ministry of capacity Building (2006)come up with the objective of deploying ICT in Universities to supportteaching-learning and research activities taking place in higher learninginstitutions of Ethiopia. This initiative is focused on the issues likereducing differences in computer distribution within universities; use of computerfor teaching and learning; limited access to Internet and low fund for ICTinfrastructure development. Hare in 2007 conducted a survey indicating ICT andEducation in Africa: Ethiopian in focus. In his study depending on ministry ofeducation survey almost all higher learning institutions in Ethiopia havecomputers but few in numbers and 1 computer is shared by more than 8 students.

He also indicated that these computers are not connected to Internet forteaching and learning purpose. Alemu (2015) suggested that the learners andteachers in higher learning institutions or education systems should use ICT intheir teaching and learning practice because education cannot achieve itsobjective without using ICT. As indicated by Ministry of Education (2015) theEthiopian government gave attention to the development of Information andCommunication Technology application in education to enhance teaching andlearning. In this plan period of Education Sector Development Programme V (ESDPV) (2015/16 – 2019/20 G.C.) the integration of ICT in teaching and learning willget priority from the government side in Ethiopia. The focus of this study is on theintegration of ICT in teaching and learning to enhance educational quality inEthiopian higher learning institutions.

Therefore, it is intended to look theexistence of information and communication technologies for teaching andlearning, the understanding and skill of the stake holders to integrate ICT inteaching and learning in their institutions, the factors affecting theintegration of ICT into teaching and learning practices of EthiopianUniversities and the strategies, approaches and plans for the integration ofICT in teaching and learning. Finally, a theoretical framework will be designedto support the integration of ICT into teaching and learning process of higherlearning institutions of Ethiopia: Jimma and Wolaitasodo universities. 

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