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Last updated: August 18, 2019

Education prevents Bangladesh’s Economy Education is one of the key elements that prevent Bangladesh from becoming a more economically developed country. Lack of education limits the people in Bangladesh, which leads to limiting Bangladesh’s economical development.

There are various factors why education leads to Bangladesh economical issue. East Pakistan gained independence from West Pakistan and Bangladesh was formed in 1971 (State Gov). From 1971 to 1991 there were various military coups and dictators who came to power (State Gov).In 1991 Bangladesh Nationalist Party came n to power and the Parliamentary democracy system was adopted (State Gov). Various ministries were formed for different sectors (‘son); the Ministry of Education was formed to look into the issues related to education and to resolve issues related to education. Most of the primary schools are privately owned in Bangladesh (‘son), so they do not really favor the poor. If they were run buy the government, it would favor the poor because they would have to play less tuitions.

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The Ministry of Education mainly looks at the development of post-primary education, secondary chool, high school, and college. In rural areas in Bangladesh, females often do not attend school for too long because their parents want to prepare them to get married (‘son). Overall, education is not too strong in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a fairly low literacy rate, but the attendance rate for higher-level schooling is low. According to UNICEF, Bangladesh’s literacy rate is 73% for male and 76% for females.Which is not too low, but the attendance rate for higher-level primary school is 50% and for secondary school is 43% (UNICEF).

The attendance rate s very poor for higher-level schooling, so there is not point of being enrolled to school for only few years and dropping out afterwards. The low literacy rate and the attendance rate limits people’s critical thinking skill and problem solving skills. If people are not efficient at problem solving and they lack critical thinking skills, they lack the efficiency require to get there Job done because most important Job require critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.Since majority of the people in Bangladesh lack these skills (problem solving and critical thinking), it will be nearly mpossible for Bangladesh to get out of the economical problems. To get out of such situations, there are various barriers and challenges, to go threw them, the people need to have the problems solving skills and critical thinking skills. There is no point of going to school if they have poor standards. The quality of education in Bangladesh is very poor (BANBEIS and MWCA).

In rural areas the pass rate for math and English is very poor (‘son). These are two very crucial subjects, because most challenging Jobs and intellectual Jobs require these good results from these subjects. There is a huge shortage of teachers in Bangladesh. Every year the government needs around 40,000 teachers Just to replace the ones that retire and pass away. This pampers with the quality of the education because the administration is desperate to replace the teacher so they are not looking for quality teachers.

The teachers lack good teaching methods. There are not too many good teacher training centers in Bangladesh (‘son), so often the kids will have teachers quality education system to have people that are prepared to face the challenge to help Bangladesh become an economically developed country. The government has the largest school network in Bangladesh (‘son), but the government does not adequacy fund and look in to the education system in Bangladesh (BANBEIS and MWCA).Various NGO’s and other organizations have school networks too and they try educating kids in rural areas, but they are inferior compared to the governments network (‘son). Since the government is local and they are the administration of the country, they have widest resources, so they have the best chances of spreading good quality schools across the country. If the government ses there network and improve the education system, the citizens will have a higher chance of getting a good quality education.

The people are the body of the country, if they are not educated to take on the challenges to improve the countries economy, Bangladesh will remain a low economically developing country. It is very crucial that the government looks into the education matter, if they want to Bangladesh to be an economically developed country. Once the body of the country is prepared to take on the challenges, it is Just a matter of time until Bangladesh can become economically developed.

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