The Strange Death of Silas Deane

The Strange Death of Sills Deane In the late sass, the case of Sills Dean’s death was as good as solved and put to rest. His depression weakened his body enough, to lead him to illness and an inevitable death. Despite the lack of evidence that led to this conclusion, people were at ease with it so there were no reasons to further officially investigate his case. There were, of

The law is inadequate in protecting people from injustice

Nowadays, we can see a lot of Injustice exists all around the world. What Is Injustice? Injustice Is defined as an unfair treatment, a situation In which the rights of a person or a group of people are Ignored. Undeniably, Injustice Is the absence of Justice and violation of right or of the rights of another. As an example, crime, murder, slavery, and the lists goes on. In order to

The Bafa Bafa Game: Learning Tolerance

As humans Interact In groups, we usually conform to our surrounding culture. The Baa Baa game was a simulation of two separate cultures colliding with one another and experiencing the results first hand. All year we talked and read about the impact of culture, but its impact is not really understood until experienced personally. There is a complex series of emotions and communication between the cultures, in which can be

I believe that religious teaching has moulded a strong effect on Christians today

The evidence that this is true is by looking at the lives of two modern day disciples. I have chosen to look at the lives of Harriet Tubman and Mother Theresa.Harriet Tubman was born into slavery around 1819/1820 in Maryland, America.She was purely of African ancestry and was raised under harsh conditions, e.g. Whippings as a small child. As she grew older, she experienced many events, which has been recognised

Who is Christian Aid

Christian aid is an agency run by Christians to development. It is helping over 60 countries and is a member of the Trade Justice Movement and the make poverty history campaign.Christian Aid’s HistoryChristian Aid began in the 1940s with the name ‘Christian Reconstruction’. They began by helping refugees, but now Christian Aid (its name changed in 1964) has expanded and now works in over 60 countries worldwide. Christian Aid’s aims

Population Distribution in China and the UK

In China, the population is concentrated along the coast of China. The population densities are at least twenty five people per km² and in some areas, greater than one thousand people per km². In the United Kingdom, the population is concentrated in two areas, the south east of the UK, London, and the lower central area of the UK which is the Manchester and Birmingham area. The population density of

China is the third largest country

China is the third largest country in the world with a massive population of 1.3 billion and rising; a sixth of the worlds population. It is currently ruled by the communist party. It is one of the most diverse countries with its different range of terrain. In my report I am going to analyse and infer about the impacts of China developing environmentally. As it does have its positives it

HDI Assignment

Development is the process by which a country improves its standards of living over time, and what a country does to enhance the lives of its population. Several Indicators are used to measure Development across Economic, Environmental and Social indicators. Economic Indicators include GDP per Capita, and as the Economy grows, so do jobs and development.Social Indicators include access to clean water. Indicators also rise with each other, as shown

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

I’m writing to you about the poaching of Orang-utans in Sumatra and Borneo’s rainforests. The number of Orang-utans is decreasing day by day because of killing for palm oil plantation, logging, low level of law enforcement and poaching. Imagine how do we feel when our beloveds are being poached, being killed every day? Miserable, empty? Even an animal could have those feelings and Orang-utans are calling for help. I believe

After watching a video

After watching a video discussing the Park and Ride debate issues, we held our own debate in class to find out how different groups of people might react to a Park and Ride being built in the top part of the Cheddar Gorge. There are a number of groups of people who would be in favour of this scheme including the relatives of accident victims, The National Trust, The Park

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