Overeating and Psychological Research

Overeating is a phenomenon that can be characterized in two dimensions. First, there is the constant need of a person to take in food (Thompson, 1996). There are conditions and instances where the person is compelled to take in something in order to satisfy a particular urge to eat. The unusual thing about this is that there are cases when the individual is not exactly experiencing hunger but is feeling

Genetic factors

There is an important part played by the family history as far as the risk of developing the cancer is concerned. The lifetime risk in the general population has been estimated to 1. 6 percent. The risk is estimated to 4-5 percent if a first-degree relative is affected, going up to 7 percent when there are two relatives affected. Additionally a family history of breast cancer adds to the risk

Community and Public Nursing

Incorporating preventative recommendations into clinical work can be a complicated and multidimensional obligation. According to Silva, Cashman, Kunte, & Candib, “addressing preventative recommendation alone for patients in a typical day requires in excess of 7. 4 hours” (2012). Health care providers are also aware that within the community centers, chronic medical conditions inconsistently afflict low-income and minority inner city residents. However, practitioners understand their public duties to address issues.

Sexual harassment in the work place

Sexual harassment in the work place refers to unwanted sexual advancements in the work place. Perpetrators of sexual harassment in the work place include colleagues, managers and supervisors although sexual harassment can be initiated by junior employees and directed to the senior members of staff.  Sexual harassment is a major challenge in today’s work place and it is the role of HR Managers to make sure it is prevented and

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