How Effective Is the ‘Godzilla’ Trailer

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Last updated: April 4, 2019

The purpose of film trailers is to entice you to go and see the film that the trailer is about and to make you wanting more of the thing that you have just seen, most of the time the trailers have all of the really good bits that are in the film so that you will go and pay to see it or buy the movie. Trailers are there to give you a taste of what the movie is going to be like, and then leaves it up to you if it is the type of film you would be interested is seeing.I watched the trailer to the motion Picture ‘Godzilla.’ This is a good trailer because it shows you what type of film it is and leaves you feeling that you really want to go and see it. It shows you some part of the story of a reptilian like creature called Godzilla, it shows you how it has come to New York City to, well what it shows, to destroy the city and purge suffering throughout.The trailer to the film is set in New York City, we can tell this because it the first thing we see is the New York skyline, we can tell it is in America also by the accents of the characters in the trailer. We start off in an old looking fishing harbour.

It is raining and the slight sound of thunder can be heard in the background, this ay represent that something bad may happen. The first main incident that we see is when a huge way is coming towards the harbour, this is Godzilla, who is being hidden by the sea and he swims towards the city of New York.There are three main characters in this trailer the first one we see is an old man named Joe who is coming down to do some fishing. We are then introduced to two other men who are tramps and these two men begin to mock Joe saying that he won’t catch anything. Part way through the trailer there is a part where Godzilla’s eye opens in front of the men and we can see the size of Godzilla compared to the size of the men, and it makes out that Godzilla is huge. Which he is!At the beginning of the trailer a soft acoustic music plays to symbolize peace and tranquillity, when we first see Joe this music does not change but gets louder.

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When he starts to fish a pulsing bass sounds and then we see the wave coming towards the harbour, this is when the music speeds up and it gets more aggressive. We then hear that the music gets darker and lower and the rain gets worse. We then get to a mighty roar and an explosion which makes the audience scared and has an effect on the audience leaving them in suspense.The camera angles in the trailer gives a very good idea of what the film is about because it uses different angles to give the audience different effects.

At first there is an establishing shot where we see the setting which is the skyline. We then see a medium/close up shot of the main character in the trailer who is Joe, we then see a close up of the other men, followed by a long shot as we see the wave and Godzilla move closer to land this gives and indication of terror and creates suspense.There is not many different aspects of lighting in this trailer just a basic light scene with a layer of mist covering everything and sweeping through the scene; the only change is when there is a shot of the ocean where the lighting turns to a dull colour.There are words that appear on the screen through this trailer. They are the words ‘Godzilla’ which are in the colours of green and black, which are the colours of Godzilla itself.

These words stand out, and then we see the words, ‘Size does matter’ which are in the same style as well and they appear on the screen fast and big so that they stand out and are easy visible for the audience to read.

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