EFFECTS leads to disasters. Oil pollution mainly effects

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EFFECTS OF OIL POLLUTION:Oilpollution effects are very harmful for the environment and also leads todisasters. Oil pollution mainly effects marine life. Some of the effects of oilpollution are shown below which pollutes marine lives and coastal areas indifferent ways:1.      Damage to environment:Pollution of any kind is harmful for the environment similarly oil pollution isharmful for the environment as well. Mainly Oil pollution or oil spills effectsaquatics or marine life. The effects on the marine life due to oil pollutiondepends on the factor that how much the marine life is sensitive.

It alsodepends upon the location where oil spill happens. Oil pollution leads todisasters like dying of the marine lives and also death of the aquatic plans.This is how the oil pollution or oil spills pollute environment. 2.

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      Economic loss: Itis very difficult to clean oil spillage if it happens in good concentration. Nomatter how much effort has been put in that job. For cleaning the oil spillagelot of investment needs to be done and a lot of money needs to be spend eventhen results obtained are not excellent.

Economic loss is directly related toeconomic loss. Since crude oil is also known as black gold so if oil spillagehappens then it is a great loss as well in terms of economics.3.

      Altering the watertemperature: Oil spillage is actually a layer of oilon the surface of sea water or on the surface of water at any amount sincewater is directly exposed to sunlight so it absorbs all the radiations comingfrom sun so if the oil spillage happens then it absorbs radiation coming fromthe sun which results in increase in temperature of water. Since oil does notallow light to pass through it easily therefore if oil spillage happens then itdoes not allow sunlight to pass through it easily to the depths of sea water. Inthis way the concentration of oxygen can also get altered at different depthsof water bodies.4.      Tourism industryaffected: Oil pollution and oil spills greatlyaffect tourism industry.

This is due to the increase in oil pollution on thesea shores and beaches. Activities like diving, swimming are getting very lessattractive for the tourists due to fear of oily water or there might be somewater polluted by oil.5.

      Industry problems: Clearwater from natural resources of water are being used by industries for coolingpurpose. Industries like power generation plants, Atomic plants and Soil plantsneed constant water supply from surface waters. These industries can also getthe water contaminated or get water oily due to oil pollution. In this waypipes get contaminated as well and cleaning cannot be done.

Solutions to the problems/Remedies:Itis obvious that to control something it is useful to get preventive measuresall around the world. Oil spills or oil pollution mostly pollutes marine lifeor coastal areas. In other words, it pollutes water bodies. Since water is veryimportant for humans so it is very imperative to take precautions or have somesolutions for the problems associated to oil pollution that have already donein past like oil spills.

Below some of the solutions for oil pollutions aregiven.1.      Use of Trained people: Highlyprofessional people in their work and field should be hired and job should bedone by these people so that chances of mistake should be reduces and hence reducesthe chances of oil spills and oil pollution.2.      Proper quality checks:Most of the oil pollution and oil spills is due to the leakages from ships andoil tankers.

So proper equipment and all the parts of the ships should be organizedand to be tested that those parts are working properly. Also properinstallation of pipes in tankers should be done. All the equipment should bepass through thorough tests so that oil can be transported safely and properlyand oil pollution can be avoided.

3.      Efficient DisasterManagement Plan: To deal with oil pollution all of theworld should be unite to save the environment from the oil pollution. All thecountries should plan for the natural disaster they should set plans to recovermarine environment which is polluted from oil pollution in past. Proper signboards should be placed in the areas which is polluted with oil and it is thatcoastal area which is accessed by people like beaches.4.      Bioremediation: Bioremediationis a process by which the marine environment is clean up by using bacteria.This process uses enzymes and bacteria to treat contaminated water. Bacteriacomes into use in the process of bioremediation of gasoline.

5.      24 hours Emergency team: Ifany accident happens on marine side then to stop this a team should be alwaysready at any hour because the accident can happen at any time. So an emergencyteam should be ready 24 hours so that if any accident happens then the team canreach on the site of accident in time and can be safe environment and stops oilpollution and future disasters.6.      Chemical treatment:Sorbents are the chemicals which absorbs oil. So by using these chemicals theoil pollution can be treated and its use also divide oil into its correspondingconstituents.7.

      Phenomena of weathering: Weatheringis a process of removal of a surface by natural process. If oil spill happensat any place and it is not of on a large scale, then it is good to leave thatoil spill alone so that the oil spill can be remove by the natural process of thedegradation of oil and weathering process.

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