EIA the wildlife. National park boundaries cannot be

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EIAnotification 2006 :MOEF made EIA notification dated 14thSeptember 2006 and are as follows,1.    Basedon extent of impacts on human health and material, man made resources,  all the activities of projects divided into2- category A and Category B.

2.    CategoryA includes modernization and expansion of existing projects and changes shallget prior environmental approval for clearance from MoEF based onrecommendation of committee experts done by GOI.3.    CategoryB includes modernization and expansion of existing projects or changes butexcluding general conditions mentioned in the schedule which are fulfilled arerequire clearance from environment of SEIAA. SEIAA giving decision based on theexperts committee recommendations.  In amendment 2009, itsexplain that ” In hill terrain (above 1000m MSL) and ecologically sensitiveareas in the all the state highways and state expansion projects arecategorized as category B and it requires clearance from environmental dept fromSEIAA.Water(prevention and control of pollution) Act-1974 :First environmental rulesand regulation brought in state and central level is water Act.

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For thispollution control are formed for controlling or regulating environmentalpollution in India. This Act amended in 1978 and 1988 established standards forindustries and local authorities for discharging effluents.Air(preventionand control of pollution) Act-1981:According to this Act, thestates pollution control board establish air quality standards to control andprevent pollution of air in the country (India).Forestconservation Act-1980 :As per forest Act, priorapproval is needed from the GOI for converting for land to non forest. As perforest act activities are restricted in forest area.

As per amendment1988,state/central Government has no authority to make diversion of forest landto non forest and permission is needed from GOI.Wildlifeprotection Act-1972:For the protection of wildanimals, birds, plants and others this act is helpful. According to this act noone should hunt animals, restricts the damaging, destroying, acquiring land inforest area.

It restrict use of chemicals, explosives which may cause oreffects the wildlife. National park boundaries cannot be changed except approvalof state / central Govt.Manufacture,storage and import of hazardous chemicals rules 1989:According to this aim,controlling the manufacture, storage, import of chemicals by providinginformation on chemical container and information on safety.Themotor vehicle Act-1988:According to this Act, statetransport activities has established the standards to controlling andpreventing the pollution. The RTO has check emission standards , collect roadtaxes, license issuing.Ancientmonuments and archeological sites and remains Act-1958:According to thismaintaining of ancient and historical monuments and archeological sites remainsas important things in the nation. As per amendment 2010, buffer area isprovided for the monument to protect the monument by construction activitiesfor other developments.

MoRTHand IRC specification : specification for road and bridge work4th revision, by IRC 2001.As per IRC guidelines andMoRTH specification for road and bridges, all road works to be carried out.Accordingto this contractor shall take necessary measures and precautions to carryoutworks in according to rules and regulations of environmental requirementscontractor has to dispose waste material and debris etc away from site.Water – no debris is to bedisposed in nearby water body and liquid waste product should be disposed insuch a way that does not create pollution.Air – the contractor has toarrange control method for dust, gaseous and other emissions so that airpollution is controlled. Covering of material which raises dust duringtransport must covered by tarpaulin.

Noise – the contractor mustuse necessary measure to reduce noise of the construction equipments and maintain the same.Guidelines forEnvironmental Impact Assessment –IRC: 104-1988:These guidelines are used for application ofenvironmental protection Act 1986 for highway projects. This supports themethods of measuring air pollution is according to IS 5182-1977 for noisepollution, IS 3028-1980 for noise by moving road vehicles, IS 4758-1968 fornoise by machines and IRC-SP-21-1979 manual for landscaping of roads is to beconsidered for highway aesthetics.Environmentalclearance procedure: Environmental clearance is made mandatory fornew state highways.

So the widening or strengthening and improvement ofexisting state highways not covered in notification of EIA 2006.

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