Eighteen group, myself and my drama colleagues created

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Last updated: December 31, 2019

Eighteen years ago I was introduced to the world of Acting by my late grandmother, Rosina Pulley and ever since then, it has played a predominant role in my life. From my early years of performing in the ‘Wood House Players’ annual pantomimes and being part of ‘Rosina Pulley’s school of dance’, I have learned that the power of creativity on stage can be extremely therapeutic and that itself to me is liberating. In the winter of 2001, I had my first stage role in the ‘Wood House Players’ Pantomime ‘Pinnochio’ and from there on I performed in ‘Dick Whittington’, ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Aladdin’ and lastly ‘The Pied Piper’ which was my most memorable performance. I was cast as an uncontrollable over-sized dancing rat wearing a costume which I creatively put together using grey bin bags and cardboard. During my childhood years, I suffered from depressive symptoms and finding escapism was imperative. I found solace in theatre and storytelling and the more performances I did the more connected I felt with myself and others around me.

Studying A level Drama and Theatre studies at William Morris Sixth form turned my passion for the craft into a career plan in which I was adamant about pursuing. I became interestingly fascinated with one module in particular, ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ by Antonin Artaud. It was then that I began to experiment with techniques such as movement, gesture, breath, sound and symbolism and as a group, myself and my drama colleagues created a piece that was then shown to an in-house audience. Following this module We shifted our focus to physical theatre, we explored contemporary practitioners such as DV8 and Frantic Assembly. I explored movement using pieces of furniture and then went on to study Chair duets which were inspired by Frantic Assembly’s approach. DV8 influenced me to create art that has meaning and that could break social boundaries so we decided to focus on Homosexuality and Gender. Exploring social issues using movement opened me up to the creative world where dramatic potential could be unlocked through the use of my physical body.

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