eled3322 chapter 1 test

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Last updated: May 6, 2019
assumption underlying alphabetic writing systems that ach speech sound or phoneme of a language should have its own distinctive graphic representation
alphabetic principle
two or more consonants that blend together so that the sound elements of each letter are heard
consonant blend
example of consonant blend
black, glide string
a combonation of two consonant letters that represent one speech sound
consonant diagraph
example of consonant digraph
church, chef (/sh/), chorus=/k/, show,who=/h/,what=/hw/,thank=unvoiced, this=voiced
a vowel blend; two adjacent vowels, each of which is sounded ?
example of diphthong?
house, oil, boy, how
a written or printed letter symbol used to represent a speech sound or phoneme?
the smallest unit of sound in a language that distinguishes one word from another. cate has three blended ___/k//a//t/
the smallest meaningful unit of language/meaning?
functions independently in any utterance?
free morpheme
examples of free morphemes
consists of prefixes, suffixes, and inflectional endings and must combine with other morphemes?
bound morpheme
examples of bound morphemes
houses, unlock, man‘s, wanted, childs, girls
Do you always have the same number of graphemes as phonemes?
prefixes and suffixes
initial consonant or consonant cluster?
the vowel or vowel and consonants that follow the onset
awareness of various speech sounds such as syllables, rhyme, and individual phonemes?
phonological awareness
diminished stress or a softening of any of the vowel sounds
includes any words a reader recognizes instantly without having to resort to any word recognition strategies which are processes for determining the pronunciation of a word in print; words which are not phonetically decodable?
sight vocabulary
a combination of two vowels that represent one speech sound ?
vowel digraph
a minimal unit of sequential speech sounds comprised of a vowel sound or a vowel-consonant combination?
can you have a rime without an onset?

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