Elements of Literature Definitions

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Last updated: May 2, 2019
Force against protagonist

The way the author portrays the character using appearance, feelings, actions, and speech of the character

Part of the plot that the entire story builds up to.

Part of the plot diagram where we meet characters and find out the setting (introduction)

External conflict
Conflict between one or more opposing forces outside the self

Falling action
part of the plot diagram. The events after the climax where things start to wind down.

hints to future events

Generating Circumstance
Trigger Point of Plot Diagram where the rising action (conflict) begins

Internal Conflict
Opposing forces within the self (Self v. Self)

The story line or the series of main events

The main character involved in the conflict

Plot Diagram that ties up the end; the ending

Rising Action
Plot diagram: Events (conflicts) leading up to the climax

Time and place.

When a person, place, or thing represents something beyond itself

The message or insight into life presented by the author

Point of View
Perspective from which the story is told.

1st person point of view
Character tells the story. Uses pronouns: I, me, we

3rd person limited
Narrator is outside the story. Only sees into one person’s thoughts.

Uses pronouns he, she, they

3rd person omniscient
Narrator is outside the story. Sees into several characters thoughts.

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