elements of literature third course

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Last updated: May 7, 2019
a series of related events that hooks our curiosity and pulls us forward to the next even


external conflict
struggle that takes place between two characters, between a character and a group or something non human

internal conflict
struggle that takes place in a character’s mind or heart

basic situation or exposition
the first part of a plot. opening of the story when characters and their conflict are introduced

second part of a plot. main character takes some action to resolve the conflict but meets more problems or complications

third part of a story. key scene in the story. we learn what the outcome of the conflict

resolution or denouement
the final part of the story. all the struggles are over and we know what is going to happen to the characters.

chronological order
the order in which events unfold in real time.

when writers interrupt the flow of events to present an episode from the past

when writers go into the future. thy can jump ahead days or years into the future

writes can bring the future into the present by showing hints or clues that suggest what might happen later into the story

a type of inference, a guess based on evidence

writer of the most dangerous game
Richard Connell

author of dog star
arthur c. clarke

reference books
contain specialized information.

encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs and biographical references are examples

nonfiction sources
biographies, autobiographies, and history books are examples. they help you get the full story

sources of information, such as up to date facts. newspapers and magazines

where and when a story takes place

author of a christmas memory
truman capote

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