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Last updated: April 25, 2019
elements of storytelling
includes fiction, narrative fiction, narrative poerty, and drama

the sequence of events in a story

the internal or external struggle between opposing forces

two types of conflict
external and internal

external conflict
man against man or man against nature

internal conflict
man against himself

stages of plot
exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution

the introduction of a story

rising action
the act in which suspense builds because complications arise that make the conflict more difficult for the main characters to resolve

the turning point of the action in a story

falling action
any action or event that occurs after the climax

the event in which the conflict is often solved in a story

a clue or hint to what will happen in the story

the process or way an author develops his characters

the people, animals, or imaginary creatures that take part in the action

two types of characterization
direct and indirect

direct characterization
occurs when the writer directly states what kind of person the character is. Ex: sneaky, honest, evil, innocent, and so on.

indirect characterization
occurs when the narrator provides hints about the character’s personality

the three basic methods of characterization
physical description; character’s speech, thoughts, feelings, and actions; other character’s speech, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

the particular time and place in which the events occur

the main idea of the story

the feeling, or atmosphere, that a writer creates for the reader

the writer’s attitude toward a subject

the conclusion that a reader draws

types of mood and tone
anxious; humorus; pessimistic; suspenseful; depressed; lighthearted; hysterical; gloomy; tense; tragic; fearful; mocking; sad; remorseful; happy; optimistic

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