Emily Dickinson

Where Emliy Dickison was born.
Amherst, Massachusetts

The family member that brought Emily’s poems into the spotlight.
Her sister, Lavinia

According to Dickinson’s poem, “I’m Nobody,” how dreary it is to be…


The group of people Emily only spent time with.
Her family

When Emily died.

How many poems she published.

7 poems

What did Emily call her house?
the Homestead

How many poems Emily wrote in her lifetime.
Approximately 1,800

What did Emily’s sister have written on her tombstone?
“E.D. Called Back”

What category of poets that Emily was considered to be in?

Emily admired the writings of whom?
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, & William Shakespeare

List the major themes of Dickinson’s poetry.
– Love- Death- Immortality- Nature

Emily was reclusive, what does reclusive mean?
That you never left your house or went out & about.

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