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Emily NichollsEnglish 3Mr. Straube13 November, 2017School Uniforms Dr. Seuss was a man who mostly wrote children books and he believed that everybody can do something great. He believed that people should live today as it might be there last day. Everybody should live today as it would be their last day on Earth. People should express themselves and still be able to be apart of something. If school uniforms were not in place then there would be, “some children turning up in fashionable new clothes and bullying the ones in their hand-me-downs who will inevitably feel embarrassed as a result”(Mack Lemouse). School uniforms help students be more apart of things because everybody looks the same. It helps in the classroom to help kids focus on their studies and should not be distracted by what everybody else looks like.School uniforms are very beneficial in many ways and can help many students. This topic has been debated and it has many pros and cons, however, the pros outweigh the cons. School uniforms make schools more equal, stylish, and helps parents save money. School uniforms make schools more equal. Schools are very unequal because of the dress codes and the way peer pressure makes people dress. Equality is an important quality in our world today. Schools who do not have uniforms are unequal. The dress codes in schools are important to schools who do not have uniforms. However, the dress codes are unequal and mostly focus on what girls should not wear. Girls are told they can not wear certain things like, “No sports bras are allowed as an outer garment. All tops must touch the top of the short,pant,slack, or skirt. No spaghetti straps…….No, rip-torn, sleeveless t shirts”(South Winneshiek Student High School Handbook).  This dress code is primarily talking about how girls can not wear clothes that they want. Sports bras are mostly focused towards girls. For example, surely nobody has ever personally seen a boy sent home because his sport bra was showing. However, that can happen. There is a time and place to wear certain things. It can be alright for someone to take their shirt off or be wearing less clothes when they have a hard exercise. There is appropriate clothing for certain times.The word appropriate can mean many different things to many different people. Appropriate clothing for school is a school uniform. When kids are at school, students should focus on learning not about what everyone else is wearing. By dressing appropriately in school it shows professionalism and team spirit. Sports teams all dress the same and they all work together. In the classroom there should also have to wear uniforms. If all schools required uniforms then the classroom would be more equal. There would not have to be a dress code because everyone would wear the same things. Also the girls would not be criticized by what they wear or how they dress.Also, it would help with bullying because everyone would look the same. In society today people judge other people by the way they dress.  Some people cannot buy the new expense fashionable clothing design that comes out about every month. In a result other kids get teased because they do not have the best shoes or the best shirt that is in style. By allowing school uniforms they have had less, “reports of assault and battery in the district’s schools decreased by 34%, assault with a deadly weapon dropped by 50%, fighting incidents went down by 51%.” (Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms). Kids are becoming more positive and there is less crime overall. School uniforms still let kids have style. School uniforms still let kids express who they really are. School uniforms do not have a certain way students have to wear the uniform. Many times the kids do their own hair the way they want it, they have a choice to wear either pants, shorts, and in some educational places, skirts. Like other rules the school uniforms rules can be changed and has been changed, Lindsey Bever a writer for The Washington Post, she basically says that schools can have a style while still wearing uniforms. For example, in a British school there were a couple of schoolboys that wanted to wear shorts because it was too hot. However, the school uniforms did not allow boys to wear shorts. The boys wore skirts instead to try to stay cool. That is a way kids can have their own style to their school uniform. There are appropriate limits now on what students who wear school uniforms can wear to school. For example, normal dress codes are sexist and unequal. However, school uniforms are not sexist because they allow kids to wear what they want and even wear skirts if they want to. It just so happens that what happened in Britain was because of heat, and not being able to shorts. Those kids proved that they wanted to wear a skirt and they got the chance. There are also other ways to help kids express their own style while wearing school uniforms. They can do their own hair, they also can wear what the school uniform entail. Look in our community, there are various hair styles whether they are long, short, or medium. There can be a certain number of uniforms that can be purchased, “some families purchased a school uniform for each day of the week and some only brought a minimum of 2″(Katrina).Parents have a choice on whether how many uniforms they want to buy. Everybody still has a choice on where they want to do with their style and their money. School uniforms help parents save money. Parents will save money throughout their kids educational life. School uniforms are very beneficial and by helping the parents save money which  is even better. School uniforms will save parents money on, “average annual cost to parents for school uniforms are about $249″(School Uniform Statistic).  This is not that expensive, look at the big picture. Most parents buy their kids clothes year round and spend triple that just for going back to school. Some people praise school uniforms like, “Former President Clinton is perhaps the most famous and influential advocate of school uniform”(McDermott, Michelle). President Clinton encouraged school uniforms because it made the kids look on the inside and not what they are wearing. School uniforms are very helpful in many ways and all schools should be required to provide school uniforms. School uniforms help with equality, style, and saving money. These three main points can be very beneficial in our schools today. Humans should always try to look their best, but with these new standards that come out every few months it is hard to keep up. School uniforms put people on a stable playing field. There are many things that can help the school system, however, school uniforms are for the best. Look deep inside and think about do the pros outweigh the cons? 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