Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for teens ages 13-18

Revised as of 28 January

03 Note to Parents

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Emotional Intelligence is a wide range of skills that children of all ages can develop and improve. These skills are critical for emotional well-being and life success. This section of the Youth Deployment Activity Guide is designed to give you additional age appropriate resources that are helpful in teaching your child about emotions. The emotional and social skills that are presented were written in order to help you grow your child.

The sections include Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Adaptability, Stress Management and General Mood. Each section is further divided into sub-skills that address such things as Problem Solving, Happiness, Flexibility and other critical emotional and social competencies. We encourage you to use these activities throughout the deployment process and beyond.

Emotional Intelligence Activities Ages 13-18

InTRApersonal Scale Self Regard……………………………………….

Lay It On The Line Name Game Emotional Self-Awareness. Today I Feel I Am Assertiveness ?”. Am I Assertive?

Get A Grip On Anger Independence ……………………………………

Getting Goals To Do List Self-Actualization ……

Teen Spotlight Confidence Exam InTERpersonal Scale Empathy……………………………………………

Dear Responsible Friend High Five Social Responsibility ………………..

Focus Group Overcoming Problems Interpersonal Relationship ………………….

Fishing For Compliments If I Had A Million Adaptability Scale Reality Testing …………………………………..

Things Are Not Always as They Seem Understanding Emotions Flexibility…………………………………………..

Responsibility Journal But We Always Do It This Way Problem Solving …………………………………

Muybius Strip How I See It! Stress Management Stress Tolerance ……………………………….

Take A Look At This Stress Journal Impulse Control………………

Don’t Lose Your Cool Emotional Squares General Mood Scale It’s All In Your Head Extra, Extra, Read All About It Happiness ….. HaHa The Best Day Of My Life Lay it on the line Self-regard is the ability to respect and accept oneself as you are. Place an X on the chart below to indicate on each line where you rate yourself.

In which areas are you satisfied or dissatisfied? What could you do to improve the areas that need improvement? Note: Balance is the key. Total Slob Room should be condemned. Hot Head Get angry about every little thing. Class Clown I say things that usually make others laugh. Total Jock Neat Freak Room is spotless… you could eat off the floor. Cool Operator Takes a great deal to get me angry. Quiet and Reserved I rarely tell Jokes. Non-Athletic I love playing sports. I am not the least bit interested in sports. Pessimist Optimist I see the glass half empty. I see the glass half full.

Leader Follower I have to be the boss. I never want to be in charge. Chatterbox I love to talk. My Lips are Sealed I would never spread rumors. Couch Potato TV and some Junk food for me. All Ears I’d rather listen. Gossiper I love to tell “Juicy” stories. Health Fanatic Exercise and healthy foods are a must. In the one of the blank shapes below, vertically, write your first and last name. Using the letters of your name, create words that express your positive traits. (Refer to the example given. ) Use the remaining shape to write the first and last name of someone who has influenced your life.

Using the letters of their name, create words that express why hey have influenced you. Example: joyful assertive nice energetic D delightful O optimistic E even tempered Learn to deal with your feelings in a positive way. Today I Feel… Use the picture below to identify how you feel today. Once you determine your emotional feelings, you can respond by making smart choices as you interact with others throughout the day. Recognizing your feelings and making a conscious decision to react positively to your feelings is the difference between a good day and a bad day.

You have the capability to make this the best day of your life. How do you feel today? I Am… Emotional self-awareness is the ability to recognize one’s feelings. In the spaces below complete each statement based on how you tee l. the blan words. ks to add your own teeling I am most happy when embarrassed when thoughts about myself when I am when about . I think negative . I think . lam . I feel . Finish this statement: I think the world needs… Am I Assertive? Assertiveness is the ability to express your wishes and beliefs in a positive way.

Too little assertiveness can make you a doormat. Too much, and we can be bossy and aggressive. Think of a time when you were a doormat. What happened? ou do? What did How did you feel? Now, think of a better way to handle that situation in the future. Write a better response and practice it. Think of a time when you were too bossy. Get a Grip on Anger Sometimes people use anger to get their way. Being assertive doesn’t mean getting your way; it means that you can express your wishes and beliefs in a positive non-destructive way.

Some examples of how people deal with anger are listed below. Brainstorm some ways that are used to deal with anger. Include both good and bad methods. When you have finished with a list, go back and place an asterisk (*) in the oxes of the methods that are healthy ways to deal with anger. It really isn’t “My Way or Else! ” Throw things Scream Count to 10 Setting Goals Listed below are guidelines for setting goals that will help you achieve independence. Answer the questions and try setting some reasonable goals for yourself.

Goals are easier to accomplish when they are clear, specific, and broken down into steps you can manage and measure.

How to Set Goals

1. Understand Yourself What do you do well? What do you enjoy doing? What are the most important things in your lite?

2. Make Clear, Specific Goals A goal should tell you exactly what you want and should be measurable. For example, “l want to score ten goals in soccer this season” is both clear and specific.

3. Goals Should Be Positive Say “I want to lose 5 pounds before the prom” rather than “l will never fit into my dress. ”

4. Set Time Limits Give yourself a reasonable deadline in which to accomplish your goal.

5. Break Your Long Term Goals Down Into Smaller Parts If your ultimate goal is to be a professional basketball player, a realistic, specific short-term goal would be to make the varsity basketball team this year.

6. Write Your Goals Down Keeping your written goals where you can see them will help keep you focused on achieving them.

7. Check Your Progress Evaluate your progress towards your goals. Are you doing what needs to be done to meet your goals? If not, what can you do to get back on target?

Now, It’s Your Turn Write three clear, specific, manageable goals for this coming week: 2. 3. -ro DO List On the form below list all of your assignments, after school activities, practices, community events, appointments, etc. Use the “to do list” as a guide to assist you in managing your time wisely. Include as much information as possible for each event. Draw a line through each item as you finish it. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Revised as ot 28 January Teen Spotlight Self-actualization is the ability to set goals and feel that you are accomplishing those goals.

Using the newspaper layout below, design a newspaper highlighting YOURSELF. Include your greatest accomplishment, a self-portrait of you doing something that you enjoy, headlines, etc. In the box at the top, give your newspaper a unique name. Headline Feature story about Your greatest accomplishment Favorite foods Self-portrait Favorite songs or groups Personal ad isting your strengths Story about your friends Funniest thing that happened to you Your future plans Confidence Exam Setting and achieving goals builds selfactualization.

This helps develop good selfconfidence. Prepare for this self-confidence exam by taking a close look at yourself. Read each statement then circle the number that indicates where you think you best fit. Total the circled numbers and check your results in the key below.


1. Basically, I am satisfied with myself.

2. I am happy with the way I look.

3. I am pleased with my relationships.

4. I can accept criticism without getting upset.


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